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Frances Verter, PhD
Jul 2013   Finding ways to speed up cord blood stem cell engraftment has become somewhat of a Holy Grail for the transplant community, both to save patient lives and to increase the utility of banked cord blood. Current research strategies fall into the following three categories: 1. Culture the cord blood stem cells in the lab to "expand" the number of active cells 2. "co-transplant" cord blood stem cells with another stem cell type that will engraft temporarily and act as a bridge until the cord blood stem cells engraft, 3. Enhance the "homing" ability of cord blood stem cells so that they enter the bone marrow faster and engraft.
Joanne Pang
Jul 2013   Joanne Pang: April 18, 1993 - January 13, 2003
Jul 2013   I have worn many hats in my life but the one I take most seriously is my 'mommy beret'. The decisions I make on my children's behalf can impact their whole lives, and the responsibility of it all sometimes overwhelms me.