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Banque de sang placentaire de Bordeaux

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Bank Director: Bernard Dazey, PhD

Banque de sang placentaire de Bordeaux (Bordeaux CBB), Etablissement Français du Sang Aquitaine-Limousin  is a member of the French Cord Blood Registry (France Greffe de Moelle).

L'Agence de la biomédecine, the French agency of biomedicine, has created a website designed to answer questions from expectant parents about cord blood banking:

From the website
"Some foreign private companies offer to parents in French maternity leave the placental blood of their child, with finances, with a view to possible future use. However, the benefit to the child of an appeal to this type of transplant is not scientifically proven: no study to date demonstrates the therapeutic efficacy of transplants performed from his own cord blood.
Furthermore, to make this conservation in countries that allow these private companies offering conservation placental blood for oneself ask parents to carry or send by parcel cord blood collected. This practice is illegal and punishable under the Penal Code (Article 511-8 to 511-8-2 of the Criminal Code)."

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Address: Place Amelie Raba-Leon, Bordeaux, France