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Family Bank: MiracleCord



MiracleCord is an industry leading cord blood and cord tissue bank offering advanced and comprehensive stem cell banking services.

Labs and Locations

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MiracleCord's state-of-the-art laboratory facilities remain on the forefront of stem cell research and technology. With two decades of experience, MiracleCord's laboratory facilities are FDA registered, CLIA certified and AABB accredited for processing and storing BOTH cord blood and cord tissue. This ensures that they adhere to the industry's most stringent standards for processing and storing cord blood and cord tissue stem cells.

MiracleCord receives and processes cord blood and cord tissue units 7 days per week, 365 days a year. All specimens are protected in a high-security facility with multi-layer temperature monitoring and manifold emergency power sources, including redundant battery and generator back-up systems. The lab’s nitrogen storage capacity and internal piping system are one of the largest in the country.

Business Experience

MiracleCord’s laboratory facilities were founded in 1997 with a mission to provide parents with access to cutting-edge technologies for stem cell cryopreservation, enhanced cell culture, and tissue engineering. MiracleCord’s laboratory facilities have processed and stored over 130,000 cord blood units.

Collection Kit

MiracleCord’s StemCare® thermal collection kit includes an FDA-approved sterile cord blood collection bag that is Heparin-free and safe for use in the sterile field should a c-section be necessary.

Transportation container

Cord blood and cord tissue contain delicate stem cells that are highly vulnerable to changes in temperature. MiracleCord's exclusive thermal StemCare technology was designed to protect cord blood and cord tissue specimens from fluctuations in ambient temperature from the moment the specimens are collected until they reach their lab facility. Failure to maintain a consistent room temperature between collection and processing can result in a significant loss of stem cells.

Shipping Info

MiracleCord has the unique ability to process your baby’s stem cells with TimeCritical Processing.

MiracleCord's direct medical courier service ensures the fastest delivery of cord blood and cord tissue to their lab. This service is included with every plan at no additional cost. Professionals trained in handling human tissue carefully transport each cord blood and cord tissue specimen in a temperature-controlled environment.

Many cord blood banks utilize a “hybrid” medical courier service that transfers custody of their clients’ specimens to a commercial shipping carrier such as FedEx® or UPS®. Commercial shipping carriers are not temperature-controlled and can delay cord blood and cord tissue processing by 48 hours or more. Both factors may result in a significant loss of viable stem cells. MiracleCord's direct medical courier service never transfers custody to commercial shipping carriers such or FedEx and UPS.

Processing Method

Transplant success and patient survival can be directly attributed to the number of stem cells available for a transplant procedure. MiracleCord uses a high-efficiency, completely closed, 100% sterile processing method that has set the standard for both the quality and quantity of recovered stem cells. During cord blood processing MiracleCord's lab maximizes the depletion of red cells, while significantly increasing the number of viable stem cells recovered.

MiracleCord's method of isolating the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from Cord Tissue prior to freezing mitigates the limitations of the methods used by many other companies, and results in consistent recovery of high percentages of viable stem cells.

MiracleCord's laboratory is 1 of only 3 cord blood facilities in the U.S. that has AABB cord tissue accreditation for processing and storing cord tissue stem cells.

Components Stored

MiracleCord stores cord blood specimens in a dual-compartment cryo-bag with three additional integral segments attached to the closed system transfer set. The three integral segments are used for any future testing that may be required, including HLA typing. After processing, MiracleCord provides families with a Certificate of Storage and a comprehensive lab report documenting the details of the specimens.

Storage Method

MiracleCord stores cord blood samples in large vacuum walled liquid vapor nitrogen tanks specifically designed for long-term cryogenic storage. MiracleCord's storage tanks are protected in a high-security facility with multi-layer temperature monitoring.

Licensing & Accreditation

MiracleCord’s laboratory facilities hold the following designations:
• AABB Accreditation for both cord blood and cord tissue
• FDA Registration
• CLIA Certification
• Rated A+ by the BBB
• Additional Licensing by CA, MD, IL, NJ & NY 

Clinical Experience

Over 100 cord blood units processed and stored by MiracleCord’s laboratory facilities have been released for transplant. All of the transplanted stem cell units were viable and successfully engrafted. Should you need to use your baby’s stem cells in a transplant, MiracleCord has the ability to cryogenically ship cord blood and cord tissue units to transplant hospitals anywhere in the world.


MiracleCord provides a $100,000 Quality Guarantee to their clients. If a cord blood unit is used in a stem cell transplant and the cells fail to engraft, MiracleCord will pay the family $100,000 towards the cost of procurement of an alternative stem cell source.

Community Service

To honor the families who serve and protect America, MiracleCord offers special discount pricing for military personnel. Call MiracleCord at 1-888-743-2673 for more information.


- - - - 20 Year Storage Plans - - - -
Cord Blood with 20 years of storage: $1,995
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue with 20 years of storage: $3,995

- - - - Annual Storage Plans - - - -
Cord Blood and 1st year of storage: $1,295
Cord Blood & Cord Tissue and 1st year of storage: $1,895

Annual storage plans have an annual fee of $150 for cord blood or $275 for cord blood + cord tissue.
The first year of storage is included in the fees shown above.

Additional Services

In addition to cord blood banking, MiracleCord offers Optimized Cord Tissue stem cell banking. Cord tissue stem cells are vastly different from cord blood stem cells, and can potentially be used to treat different diseases and conditions within the body.

MiracleCord's Optimized Cord Tissue processing provides families with a superior-quality product by isolating the Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) from the cord tissue prior to cryopreservation. This method of processing protects the viability of the MSCs and enables MiracleCord’s laboratory facilities to consistently recover viable cord tissue stem cells, as compared to the methods used by many other companies storing whole or minced cord tissue.

Stem cells from MiracleCord's Optimized Cord Tissue process are transplant-ready within a short time of being retrieved from cryogenic storage.

Prices with Additional Services

For current special offers, please call 1-888-743-2673 or visit MiracleCord’s website at miraclecord.com

Address: 875 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3100 Chicago, IL 60611