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Celebration Stem Cell Centre

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The Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC), offers both public donation and private family banking of umbilical cord blood.  All cord blood collections are processed according to the highest standards in the industry in a new, state-of-the art facility located in Gilbert, Arizona.  The public cord blood donation program is funded by the private banking and by private philanthropy. CSCC is affiliated with a Translational Research Institute (TRI) that will support projects using cord blood research donations for cardiovascular therapy.

CSCC has built a laboratory at their headquarters in Gilbert, Arizona, that operates to cellular Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) standards, comparable to the pharmaceutical industry, and has been accredited by AABB for cord blood banking.

Dr. Nabil Dib, Medical Director of the Celebration Stem Cell Centre, has nearly twenty years of experience in adult stem cell therapy and clinical research.  Dr. Dib performed the first worldwide experiment to demonstrate the feasibility of stem cell transplantation using 3-D catheter guidance in February 2000, and a few months later he implanted the first patient with stem cell therapy. In 2004, he obtained the first FDA approval in the United States for stem cell transplantation for patients with heart failure and heart attack using the 3-D catheter guidance technology, a minimally invasive procedure.  Dr. Dib also authored a book on the topic titled, Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering for Cardiovascular Repair.

CSCC is currently collecting cord blood donations from about 20 hospitals in the Phoenix area.  Parents need to contact CSCC to register for a collection kit that they must bring to the hospital at the time of birth.

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Free: 877-522-2355
Office: 480-722-9963
Address: 3495 South Mercy Rd., Gilbert AZ 85297