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Canadian Blood Services Cord Blood Bank

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Bank Director: Heidi Elmoazzen, PhD

Canadian Blood Services' Cord Blood Bank (CBS’CBB) is a national public cord blood bank in Canada and has been operational since 2013. We partner with select hospitals in Vancouver, Edmonton, Toronto (Brampton) and Ottawa, where dedicated CBS’CBB staff collect umbilical cord blood. Cord blood units are then processed at one of our manufacturing facilities in Ottawa or Edmonton. The CBS’CBB collects, processes, cryopreserves and distributes unrelated cord blood units in affiliation with Canadian Blood Services’ Stem Cell Registry which lists the cord blood units on the national and international registries. The CBS’CBB is FACT-Netcord and AABB accredited for the collection, banking and release for administration of unrelated donations. The CBS’CBB also operates the Cord Blood for Research Program, which provides access to fresh and frozen cord blood units to researchers across Canada.

Who can donate cord blood?

Pregnant women who are 18 years of age or older can donate their baby's cord blood with their signed consent. The expectant mother must pass a health screening to insure that neither she nor her infant has any diseases or medical conditions that could be passed on to a patient who receives a cord blood stem cell transplant. Expectant mothers may register to donate if they have reached 34 weeks or later in their pregnancy and are not having a multiple pregnancy (i.e., twins, triplets).

Where and when can I donate my baby's cord blood?

Canadian Blood Services' National Public Cord Blood Bank has 4 collection sites in 3 cities:

1. Ottawa, Ontario, at The Ottawa Hospitals' General campus and Civic campus.
2. Brampton, Ontario, in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), at the William Osler Health System Brampton Civic Hospital
3. Edmonton, Alberta, at the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Royal Alexander Hospital
4. Vancouver, British Columbia, at the BC Women’s Hospital and Health Centre

If you are delivering your baby at one of the designated collection hospitals, please talk with your health care provider, doctor, or midwife during your prenatal visits about your interest in donating your baby's cord blood. They will provide you with information about Canadian Blood Services' National Public Cord Blood Bank.  On the day of your delivery, simply arrive with your signed 'Permission to Collect' form and let your nurse know of your intent to donate your baby's cord blood.

Does it cost money to donate cord blood?

There is no cost to donors to donate cord blood. All cord blood donations to Canadian Blood Services' National Public Cord Blood Bank are made through the generosity of each individual donor.

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For additional information you can also contact us at 1-888-2-DONATE or visit us on-line.

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