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NHS Cord Blood Bank

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Bank Director: Daniel Hollyman, PhD

The NHS Cord Blood Bank has been collecting, storing and issuing cord blood for transplant since 1996 and holds over 22,000 units of cord blood as of 2021.

The NHS currently collects cord blood donations from a few hospitals in the vicinity of London. These hospitals have been selected because of their high delivery rates and wide ethnic mix of births. This enables the NHS to target their resources to obtain the greatest variety of tissue types for patients. These tissue types are inherited and hence are different among people of different ethnic groups. However, it is a future goal to expand the number and scope of participating hospitals throughout the UK.

Collection hospitals, as of summer 2021:

  1. Luton and Dunstable Hospital, Luton UK
  2. St. George's Hospital, London UK
  3. University College Hospital, London UK


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Free: 0800 783 5870, 0800 783 5870
Address: Charcott Road Colindale.NW9 5BG