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Gencure: Texas Cord Blood Bank

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Texas Cord Blood Bank is a division of the South Texas Blood & Tissue Center, and since 2014 is affiliated with GenCure.

Since immune types are specific to ethnic groups, the Texas Cord Blood Bank  is strategically located to collect cord blood units that reflect the rich ethnic diversity of Texas. In the past 11 years, the Texas Cord Blood Bank has been recognized nationally and internationally for innovation in the field of regenerative medicine using cord blood collected from the placenta following healthy live births. Cord blood, rich in blood-making cells, can be used to treat patients with certain cancers and fatal blood disorders.

Collection hospitals as of Sept 2016:

    1. Central Texas Medical Center - San Marcos
    2. Medical City Dallas - Dallas
    3. Methodist Hospital - San Antonio
    4. Metropolitan Methodist Hospital - San Antonio
    5. Women's Hospital at Renaissance - Edinburg

    Contact info

    Adresse: First Park Ten Blvd. San Antonio
    Phone Numbers:
    Free 855.326.5764 ext.1865