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Family Bank: Americord



Americord is the confident choice for parents committed to keeping their families healthy for life. Americord offers the most thoughtfully advanced options using cord blood, stem cells, and perinatal tissues, with exceptional service and unparalleled transparency.

Americord secures the health and longevity of the whole family from a wide range of immediate and long-term diseases and health conditions, today, tomorrow and in the years ahead. Informed parents choose Americord.

Americord’s Stem Cell Specialists are available to answer questions and assist with decision-making 7 days a week (9 AM ET to 9 PM PT). To speak with a consultant, please call 866-951-5652 or book a consultation online.

Labs and Locations

Americord’s premier, top-of-the-line laboratory is located in New York City, and processes perinatal stem cells and tissues 7 days a week. Americord’s lab is strategically located next to three major international airports and major ground transportation hubs.

For contingency and additional capacity, Americord maintains a laboratory partnership with Cryopoint located in Brownsburg, Indiana.

Business Experience

Americord was founded in 2008 by a father in search of a better cord blood bank with the mission to extend and improve lives through stem cell science. The company continues to be family owned and operated today. Americord actively looks for unique and innovative ways to improve the therapeutic utility of perinatal stem cells and tissues and to provide the best possible outcomes.

Dr. Robert Dracker has served as Americord’s Medical Director since 2010. His extensive background in stem cell research and therapies positions Americord as an innovative scientific leader in the industry. Dr. Dracker was previously the Medical Director of Biocyte, the nation's first private cord blood company that processed the stem cells for the initial cord blood transplant in the US. He has chaired the Working Group on Cord Blood Stem Cell Guidelines for New York State, served as the Chairperson of the Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Committee for the NY State Department of Health, and was an architect of the New York licensing requirements for cord blood banks.

Collection Kit

Americord allows parents to decide what to bank right up until delivery, with their 3-in-1 Collection Kit for the collection of cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue. Americord uses the Pall cord blood collection bag that has been approved by the FDA for all births, including C-sections, eliminating the need for sterile extension sets. The cord blood collection bag contains CPD, an FDA approved anticoagulant which is heparin-free.

Transportation container

Americord’s container was custom designed to ensure the highest quality care and safety during transportation. The container consists of a regulated thermal insulation bag and foam insulated shipping box. The shipping container has been rigorously tested and maintains temperature under warm and cold weather conditions.

Shipping Info

Americord provides Single-Step shipping. With Single Step Shipping, once the cord blood and tissues are collected, the parents notify the shipping partner. A dedicated medical courier collects the Kit and transports the container to the lab, maintaining a secure chain-of-custody. The courier is available on weekends and holidays.

Processing Method

Cord Blood 2.0TM Processing is based on the Rubenstein method to manually isolate a higher yield of cord blood stem cells for our families. These stem cells are stored in 5 compartment bags to ensure maximum flexibility for future use as stem cell treatments.

CryoMaxxTM Cord Tissue Processing and Placental Tissue 2.0TM Processing use a minimal manipulation method to retain the inherent multi-potent cells, growth factors, cytokines and extracellular matrix found in native perinatal tissue. These tissue processing methods create a versatile tissue and gives families maximum flexibility for future use as stem cell treatments or for tissue repair and regeneration applications.

Components Stored

Americord provides a Certificate of Storage to the parents that includes the type of storage, Cord Blood Stem Cells, Cord Tissue and/or Placental Tissue, along with the names of the parents and the newborn. For cord blood stem cell storages, the cord blood collection volume and the total nucleated cell count (TNC) is provided. For cord tissue and placental tissue storages, the condition of the tissues and the length of the cord tissue is provided.

Storage Method

The isolated cord blood stem cells are stored in 5 compartment bags and the cord tissue and placental tissue are each stored in multiple cryovials ensuring flexibility for future use. These perinatal stem cells and tissues are stored long-term in the vapor phase of cryogenic freezers that are monitored 24/7 with automatic notification in the case of temperature excursions.

Licensing & Accreditation

Americord operates to the highest quality standards in the industry. The company is registered with the US FDA for collection of stem cells from cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue.

Clinical Experience

Americord has released 10 cord blood units for successful autologous transplants.


Americord has an engraftment guarantee: Americord will provide clients up to $110,000 in financial assistance should the banked stem cells fail to “engraft.” The guarantee can be used to defray the cost of the procurement of an alternative source of stem cells if medically indicated.  


Americord offers a variety of packages, bundles, and payment plans that represent the best value in the industry. For current rates, offers, terms and conditions, please call Americord at 866-951-5652 or visit

Additional Services

Americord offers to reimburse charges by health care providers who collect the cord blood and perinatal tissues, up to $200.

Address: 225 Broadway, #1903 New York, NY 10007