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Banque de sang placentaire de Montpellier

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Bank Director: Jean Francois Schved, MD, PhD

Banque de Sang Placentaire du CHRU de Montpellier is located in CHRU Hôpital Saint Eloi, in Montpellier. They are a member of the French Cord Blood Registry (France Greffe de Moelle).

L'Agence de la biomédecine, the French agency of biomedicine, has created a website designed to answer questions from expectant parents about cord blood banking: www.dondesangdecordon.fr

Contact info

Bank +33 04 67 33 75 98
Адрес: 80 Avenue Augustin Fliche, 34295France
URL: http://www.chu-montpellier.fr/fr/NewsletterProfSante/newsletter4/pdf/livret_BSP.…