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New England Cord Blood Bank

AABB: Family


Bank Director: Medical Director Hans-Georg Klingemann, MD PhD | Tissue Bank Director Grace M. Centola, PhD HCLD (AAB)


New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB), an affiliate of New England Cryogenic Center, is a private, family owned and operated cord blood bank. As pioneers in the industry with over 40 years of experience, NECBB is recognized as a global leader in the cryopreservation of cord blood and umbilical cord tissue serving countries worldwide. NECBB offers processing and storage of stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for potential use in the treatment of over 80 diseases and genetic disorders.

Contact info

Free: 888-700-2673
Office: 774-843-2965 & 617-244-3933
Adresse: 500 Donald J. Lynch Blvd. Marlborough, MA 01752