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CellSave Arabia Celebrates 15 Years

Prosinec 2020
Mai Ibrahim, MSc MBA


Mai Ibrahim: CellSave Arabia Celebrates 15 YearsCellSave Arabia celebrated 15 years as the first and largest stem cell laboratory in the Gulf region as of 15 November 2020.

The laboratory of CellSave Arabia was established in 2005 in Dubai, bringing novel stem cell technology to the region. During its 15 years of operation, CellSave Arabia has helped thousands of parents preserve the precious stem cells of their newborns, and also impacted the community at large by providing free stem cell storage to families in need.

"I'm humbled and extremely pleased to see CellSave Arabia celebrate 15 years of offering state-of-the-art stem cell services to people in the region. The work of our dedicated team members and partners in the field, along with the great support of Dubai Healthcare City, has helped us reach this milestone. We are very happy to have served our community on such an incredible scale", said Dr. Mai Ibrahim, CellSave Arabia CEO and co-founder.

CellSave Arabia primarily offers cord blood banking services. When a woman is pregnant, her umbilical cord is a life line that enables the baby to grow and develop. The umbilical cord also contains stem cells within the cord blood. In the past, cord blood was disposed after birth. However, in recent years researchers have realized the various benefits of newborn stem cells, and the demand for stem cell banking is now at an all-time high.

Mai Ibrahim: CellSave Arabia Celebrates 15 YearsMedical studies have identified 80 different diseases for which stem cells are the standard of care. Many more diagnoses are in clinical trials with newborn stem cells. These include treatments for cancers, blood diseases, immune disorders, metabolic, and bone marrow disorders. They are also studied in regenerative treatments for cerebral palsy, autism, diabetes, hearing loss, and even heart defects. As the research continues, this number is likely to increase.

CellSave Arabia has constantly innovated new technologies and services for its customers, enabling parents to safely store their children's stem cells in the most secure and technologically advanced way possible. When stem cells are cryogenically preserved, they are protected from exposure to environmental damage or viruses. In addition, their ‘aging process’ also stops.

In the summer of 2020, CellSave Arabia launched a partnership with the Abu Dhabi Stem Cell Centre (ADSCC). The ADSCC is a specialist healthcare centre offering cell therapy to treat a variety of diseases and disorders, regenerative medicine, and researching future stem cell therapies. ADSCC facilitated the first stem cell transplant to be performed in UAE on 18 July 2020, and has plans to operate an ongoing stem cell transplant program.

In the future, if the need for medical therapy arises, families that stored their children’s stem cells with CellSave Arabia’s laboratory can have them released for potentially life-saving treatments. This service is convenient, easy to use, and an investment worth making.

CellSave Arabia Celebrates 15 Years