Featured Story
New Cord Blood Trials at Duke
Geraldine Dawson, PhD & Joanne Kurtzberg, MD Duke Medical Center has received $15M to launch a series of new clinical trials testing cord blood therapy for brain injury in children and adults. The first trial will test giving children their own cord blood for autism. Later trials will use donated cord blood to treat cerebral palsy, autism, and stroke. More >>
Autism Rates Are Rising
For a long time people thought more kids were being identified with autism because of better screening. It is now clear that the rate of autism really is rising. The latest CDC numbers released March 2014 show that 1 in 68 kids age 8 in the US have autism. For boys the statistic is 1 in 42. Most of us know a child or adult who is on the autism spectrum. What we don't know is what causes autism. However, new clinical trials are testing cord blood stem cells as a therapy for autism.
Shai's Story
Shai was a feisty little girl whose mother used her scientific background to search for the best approach to cure her cancer.  Shai narrowly escaped death many times, including a recovery that even her doctors considered a miracle, yet she died at dawn on the day that she would have begun kindergarten.  Her mother went on to found this website and charity in her memory.