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Family Banks in the Country: Switzerland

Name Laboratory Accreditation Therapies Initial cost Long Term Fee Rating
CordSavings CordSavings, Monthey, Switzerland
Cryo-Save Cryo-Save Main EU Lab: Pfäffikon Switzerland ISO 17


20 years included

Future Health Biobank Future Health, Châtel-St-Denis, Switzerland ISO, Swissmedic 1

varies by country

25 yrs included

Genico Genico, Sementina, Switzerland ISO CHF 3280 30 years included
Precious Cells - Switzerland Precious Cells, Brunel Science Park, UK HTA, ISO 1 varies by country up to 30 yrs included
Salveo Salveo, Geneva, Switzerland ISO, Swissmedic 0

1440 Euro

20 years included

Swiss Stem Cell Bank Swiss Stem Cell Bank, Lugano, Switzerland FACT, NetCord, Swissmedic



Vita 34 - Switzerland Vita 34, Leipzig, Germany. 30 0 0