Public Cord Blood Banking in 英国

公共脐血库支持社区健康。公共脐血库储存从健康的孕妇捐赠者中采集的合格脐带血,为患者提供样本用于配型,以拯救需要干细胞移植的患者生命。在美国,我们称捐赠者登记为 "Be The Match". 患有罕见遗传病的患者更有可能接受 脐带血移植。想要将 脐血捐赠 想要将脐血捐赠给公共脐血库的父母,他们的宝宝必须出生在 接受捐赠的医院

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Anthony Nolan Cord Blood Bank

Trent University Burton St., Nottingham NG1 4BU, UK, Nottingham

Anthony Nolan is the UK's leading blood cancer charity, bone marrow registry, and cord blood bank.


International Medical and Technology Park, 24 Brest Road, Derriford, Plymouth PL6 5XP, United Kingdom

Biovault is the UK's largest private human tissue bank and is licensed to handle all human tissue types. Biovault has been operating since 2002 and is the only private laboratory in the UK that works for the NHS to process and store cord blood and tissue, peripheral blood, and bone marrow stem cells. Biovault has provided over 4000 transplants of human tissue samples of various types to patients.

NHS Cord Blood Bank

Charcott Road Colindale.NW9 5BG, London

The National Health Service (NHS) of the UK has been operating a public cord blood bank since 1996.