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Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation now accepts telephone inquiries from both USA & INDIA.



Lizette Dunay Parent Educator Lizette Dunay has spent the past 6 years as a regional manager for a hybrid (both public and private storage) cord blood bank. Lizette is also a co-founder of Cure CP, the only parent-led non-profit in the USA that is 100% dedicated to funding Cerebral Palsy research. Lizette's skill sets combine knowledge of both cord blood donation and family storage, the personal perspective as a mother of a child with disabilities, efforts in patient advocacy, and familiarity with clinical trials.
Language Fluency: English & Spanish.
India flag Parent Educator Dr. Anushia is a medical doctor who is experienced as a clinical coordinator at a public cord blood bank. Dr. Anushia is familiar with medical history considerations in cord blood banking and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in epidemiology. Dr. Anushia has knowledge of both private cord blood banking for the family, cord blood donation for the public, and donor advocacy.
Language Fluency: English, Malay, Tamil .