Americord offers cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking. Americord has launched their new product, Cord Blood 2.0™.  It is an innovative cord blood banking system that can collect and preserve up to twice as many stem cells as traditional cord blood collections.

Labs and Locations

Laboratory services are provided by Cook General BioTechnology LLC in Indianapolis:
  • o A fully licensed and FDA registered laboratory
  • o Lab has processed over  35,000 cord blood collections
  • o State of the art processing facilities with 24 hour alarm monitoring
  • o Lab Accreditation: AABB
  • o State Licenses: CA, IL, MD, NJ, NY
  • o CLIA Certified Laboratory

Business Experience

The Medical Director of Americord is Dr. Robert Dracker: Dr. Dracker was the medical director of Biocyte, the very first private cord blood company that processed the stem cells for the first cord blood transplant in the USA.  He previously served as the Medical Director for ViaCord, the 2nd largest cord blood bank in the US.  Dr. Dracker has served on  the Working Group on Cord Blood Stem Cell Guidelines for New York State, and as the Chairperson of the Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Committee for the NY State Department of Health, an architect of the New York licensing requirements for cord blood banks that are the most stringent in the nation.

Collection Kit

Cord Blood 2.0's two-step process begins with the use of Americord's innovative Gravity Stand™.  The device uses the force of gravity to collect a significantly larger volume of cord blood from the umbilical cord and placenta. The harvested blood then undergoes a unique process at the Americord lab that extracts up to twice as many stem cells as currently available methods
  • o  Americord uses cord blood collection kits manufactured by Pall Corporation.
  • o  Americord uses the Pall cord blood collection bag that has been approved by the FDA.  The Pall bag is sterile both inside and out for use during C-sections and already contains CPD anti-coagulant (heparin free).
  • o Americord uses the only sterile cord blood collection bag that has been approved by the FDA for all births, including C-sections, eliminating the need for sterile extension sets. Surprisingly, most companies do not use FDA approved collection bags.
  • o  The collection kit also includes ChloraPrep applicators for easy preparation of the cord as well as instructions for the doctor and parent.

Transportation Container

  • o  Americord container has a thermal insulation bag to maintain appropriate shipping temperature.
  • o  The container is validated to maintain room temperature under warm and cold weather test conditions.

Shipping Info:

  • o  Americord calls their shipping procedure Single-Step shipping:  With Single Step Shipping, once the cord blood is collected, the parents call Americord and the number is seamlessly routed to a dedicated medical courier who already has the client information.
  • o  Americord's standard contract price includes shipping with AirNet or Quick for no extra charge.
  • o  The courier is available on weekends and holidays and maintains a secure chain-of-custody.

Processing Method

Cord blood stem cells are manually separated by trained technicians following a modified "Rubinstein method" with the chemical Hespan.  The lab prefers this method, because the entire process can be performed in a "closed" system (a sterile blood bag transfer set), greatly reducing the chances of external contamination while processing.

Components Stored

  • o  Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (cell counts, viability) if requested.
  • o  Processed stem cells are stored in the Pall 25 mL dual compartmented cryo bag, with 3 attached integral segments plus a separate 2 mL cryogenic vial in case of future HLA typing.

Storage Method

  • o  Americord uses specialized cryo-bags, not the older vial storage.
  • o  The storage bags are encased in over wrap.
  • o  The bags first go into temporary storage in a quarantine freezer, then move to long-term freezer.
  • o  Freezers use vapor phase (not liquid) cryogenic nitrogen to ensure sterility.
  • o  The long-term storage tanks are MVE 1500 series auto-fill vapor phase dewars that are monitored and connected 24/7 with a 9,000 gallon bulk tank and liquid nitrogen delivery system.

Licensing & Accreditation

Americord is registered with the USA FDA for collection of stem cells from cord blood as well as the placenta (only one of two companies with placenta registration). Americord is developing a new cell harvest technique called CordAdvantage that will increase the number of stem cells available from each birth.

Americord's laboratory Cook General BioTechnology LLC is separately accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).  Additional laboratory accreditations / certifications include:
o    Indiana State Blood Bank License
o    New York Cord Blood Procurement License
o    New York Cord Blood Processing License
o    New Jersey Blood Bank License
o    Maryland Medical Lab Permit
o    Maryland Department of Health And Mental Hygiene - Tissue Bank Permit

Clinical Experience

  • o The lab has released 3 cord bloods for successful autologous transplants.
  • o Americord is also funding and conducting several studies related to the increased collection of blood-forming (hematopoietic) stem cells from the placenta.


Americord will reimburse the family for cord blood collection and storage fees if the stem cells are needed for an approved stem cell therapy, such as Cerebral Palsy.  Americord's commitment to providing superior quality is backed by a $90,000 guarantee.

Community Service

Americord is offering to reimburse families the cost of cord blood processing and storage if their baby has Cerebral Palsy or a similar acquired neurological condition, and the baby will receive its own cord blood as treatment in a clinical trial.


Cord Blood 2.0 - 20 years of storage included - $2,999
Cord Blood 2.0 & Cord Tissue - 20 years of storage - $4,998
Cord Blood 2.0 & Placenta Tissue - 20 years of storage - $4,998
Cord Blood 2.0 & Cord Tissue & Placenta Tisse - 20 years of storage - $6,997

These are one-time prices with no hidden fees. Every plan includes 20 free years of free storage and a medical courier. If parents prefer, there are 24 month payment plans available. For more information, please visit our website.

Additional Services

Americord offers to reimburse charges by health care providers who process the blood/tissue, up to $200.