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Hello and thank you for your interest in advertising on our site!

Please prepare in advance an advert image and a path to promoted page. Please see .

  1. The image has to have a square shape (i.e. width = height).
  2. The image size should not exceed 1 Megabyte.
  3. Minimal width/height for the image is 180px.

Purchase Advertising

  1. Choose a target audience: Advertising for professionals appears in the newsletter, whereas advertising for parents appears on the pages of banks in their country.
  2. If your audience is parents, choose the country or countries you want to display your advertising (below).
  3. Pay for the advertising via PayPal or Credit Card.
  4. After the payment is complete, Upload the advert image (see guidelines) and set the URL of the promoted page.
  5. The advert will appear after moderation.

Effective Date: 4 April 2016

This Advertising Policy is an amendment to the Parent’s Guide to Cord Blood Foundation (the "Foundation") website’s Terms of Use, which are expressly incorporated herein.

Our editorial content is not influenced by funding from donors or advertisers. Thus we do not exclude any advertising based on conflict of interest. The advertisements do not reflect endorsement by the Foundation. Advertisements are moderated to make sure they are relevant to our audience and not offensive. Examples of excluded content include but are not restricted to: hate speech or pornography. The Foundation reserves the right at any time to remove materials and information without communication with the author or organization. Access to and use of all Advertising information is at the user's own risk. The Foundation is not liable for any damages of any kind, nature or description (whether direct, consequential or punitive) arising out of or relating to information referenced in the Advertising, or related in any way to the user's access to the Advertising.

The Foundation website distinguishes between editorial and advertising content by restricting the advertising to specific areas of the web site and placing the label "Advertising" on any advertising content, consistent with the principles of the Health On the Net Code (HONcode).

Advertisements targeting professionals are restricted to web pages containing newsletter articles. These advertisements appear at the top and bottom of each newsletter article, including both the latest articles and all archived articles. If a reader clicks the rotate symbol, the display will step through the advertisements.

Advertisements targeting parents are restricted to web pages containing lists of family and public cord blood banks, and are segregated by country. These advertisements appear on the left side and bottom of the page display on large screens or only at the bottom of the page display on mobile devices. If a reader clicks the rotate symbol, the display will step through the advertisements.

Questions can be directed to info@parentsguidecordblood.org.