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Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies

December 2015
Kathy Hebert


The Alliance for the Advancement of Cellular Therapies (AACT) is a global alliance dedicated to the ethical, efficacious, and expeditious advancement of cellular therapies. The collaboration between diverse members is directed at the clinical translation of biologics within informed regulatory oversight with a vision to make regenerative medicine standard. Therefore, increasing access for patients to regenerative medicine is at the center of all AACT activities.

As a relatively new organization, AACT is uniquely positioned in the regenerative medicine industry to fulfill a necessary niche within the space. Because AACT was formed as a 501(c)4 non-profit organization, AACT is able to serve as an objective advocate for the safe deployment of cellular therapies to treat a variety of diseases with a focus on adult stem cells. Therefore, AACT works to facilitate conversation between scientists, healthcare providers, elected officials, regulatory bodies, patients and other stakeholders in order to move the field forward.

Secondly, through the inclusion of patients as members of AACT and the representation of patients through an active Patient Advisory Board to the Executive Board, AACT is able to keep the patient's voice at the forefront of discussions and decisions. All patients are encouraged to speak to the Patient Advisory Board Chairman so their voice may be integrated into the decision process. In a similar manner, AACT is currently developing Advisory Boards to represent multiple specialties and stakeholders within the regenerative medicine space.

Other AACT activities include the support of data-driven, evidence-based science. AACT is currently coordinating clinical trials with members who are committed to practice evidence-based medicine, to collect patient data with sustained follow-up and publish the results for the advancement of the industry.

AACT also works to raise awareness and increase education through national and international collaborations with thought-leaders, academic institutions, and healthcare providers to facilitate awareness of the clinical translation of autologous and allogeneic cellular therapies. These goals are accomplished through AACT's Annual Conference, workshops, and digital media in the provision of venues for collaborative opportunities and open communication among stakeholders while maintaining a steady focus on advancing patient access to cellular therapies.

AACT logo AACT advocates with Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation to both physicians and patients concerning the critical need to bank a baby's umbilical cord. This potentially life-saving action correlates with AACT's mission to advance regenerative medicine's access to patients. As we enter this new era of medicine, AACT strongly endorses Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation for their outstanding educational and scientific work within the field.