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Donor Services of Indiana

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Several hospitals in Indiana are collection sites for Donor Services of Indiana (DSI), a non-profit organization that harvests both blood and tissue at birth.  DSI is undergoing a reorganization (summer 2011) and their cord blood operations will be re-named the Lifeline Stem Cell Program.  DSI is staffed with student nurses who obtain informed consent from expectant mothers when they are admitted for labor.

DSI collects the following blood and tissues:
  • Cord Blood -Sent to Lifeforce Cryobanks, a public cord blood bank that participates in the NMDP network.  Eligible cord blood collections are stored for transplant patients.
  • Sheathing of the Umbilical Cord - This outermost layer of the cord is sent to either Bio-Tissue in Miami, FL, or Bone Bank Allografts in San Antonio, TX.  The sheathing is used to create structural grafts for reconstructive surgery.
  • Amnion - The Amniotic Sac around the Placenta is sent to either Bio-Tissue in Miami, FL, or Bone Bank Allografts in San Antonio, TX.  These can only be collected from C-sections, where they are delivered in a sterile environment.  The amnion is used for repair of ulcerative wounds and for occular resurfacing.  A single amnion donation can supply multiple patient grafts.

As of June 2010, the collection sites for the collaboration between DSI and Lifeforce Cryobanks are:
  1. DeKalb Memorial Hospital - Auburn, IN    
  2. St. Anthony Medical Center - Crown Point, IN
  3. DuPont Hospital, Fort Wayne, IN    
  4. Parkview Hospital (Main) - Fort Wayne, IN   
  5. Parkview Hospital North - Fort Wayne, IN   
  6. Parkview Huntington Hospital - Huntington, IN    
  7. Memorial Hospital - South Bend, IN 
  8. Franciscan St. Elizabeth East Women's Center - Lafayette, IN

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Address: 6931 Quemetco Court. Fort Wayne
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