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Parent bank: Cryo-Save

Tissue Bank Cryo Center Bulgaria is the Bulgaria affiliate of Cryo-Save, the largest family cord blood bank in Europe. With more than 250.000 samples stored and four fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world, Cryo-Save has over ten years&rsquo; experience and state-of-the-art technical know-how, providing the basis for a strong and reliable organization.&nbsp; The Bulgaria tissue bank provides Cryo-Save with the <a href="" target="_blank">Cryo-Lip</a> service, storing stem cells from adipose (fat) tissue.<br />

Business Experience

Cryo-Save Group N.V. is a holding company according to Dutch law. Cryo-Save AG, the Swiss based working company of Cryo-Save Group N.V., has offices in Pfäffikon, Switzerland. Market representation in 40 countries is structured around the trademark "Cryo-Save" and is divided between daughter companies and business partners, representing the Cryo-Save Group in a specific country or region through licensing agreements. Stem cells from both daughter companies and business partners in the different countries are stored centrally in Belgium, except for Germany, Dubai, India and South Africa. Cryo-Save has been in operation since 2000 offering cord blood banking; since 2009, Cryo-Save is offering cord tissue banking as additional service and since 2010 a cryo-preservation service of stem cells coming from fat (Cryo-Lip) has been officially launched.

Collection Kit

Before the delivery of the baby, the Cryo-Save customer receives a collection kit enabling physicians or midwives to collect the umbilical cord blood. Cryo-Save provides them with adequate information and training beforehand as appropriate. The kit conforms to Art. 12 of the MDD and contains a proprietary blood bag with CPD anti-coagulant and all the necessary equipment for sterile collection of cord blood. All materials in the collection kit are sterile both inside & outside so that they can be used in an operating room during a C-Section.

Transportation Container

  • Cryo-Save’s container has activated cool packs AND thermal insulation in the transport box.
  • Cryo-Save’s container is validated to maintain temperature within set criteria under test conditions.
  • Cryo-Save’s container is guaranteed to maintain temperature for a certain number of hours, to permit a safe arrival at the lab.
  • Cryo-Save’s container includes a temperature logger (where mandatory).

Shipping Info

The contract price includes shipping.  Soon after birth, the cord blood will be picked up, on behalf of Cryo-Save, by a certified international courier service and taken to Cryo-Save’s processing facility immediately thereafter (within 48 hours). There it will be checked, processed and cryo-preserved for further storage.  The courier is available on weekends and holidays.

Processing Method

Cryo-save uses automated laboratory processing to reduce possible contamination and increase laboratory capacity. The Cryo-Save processing method is the automated Sepax system from the Swiss company Biosafe.  Sepax is an automated cell separation system which relies on a light beam to sense the density gradient between different cell layers after the blood has been spun in a centrifuge.  The bag kit is sterile, functionally closed, and single-use.

Components Stored

  • Parents are provided with a certificate including all basic and necessary information.
  • Doctors are provided with a document including all specific information if required.
  • Blood components stored are the "buffy coat" fraction containing white cells and stem cells, plus 2 contiguous testing segments.

Storage Method

The stem cells are preserved using Sepax technology and their quantity and quality will be determined. They are then divided into two blood bags and preserved below -160°C in the gas phase of cryogenic nitrogen.  For additional safety, the bags are stored at two physically separated locations.  Should the cord blood supplied not meet the minimum requirements, the parents may decide whether or not to store the sample to avoid any additional cost.

  • Final storage is in blood bags
  • Storage container is encased in over wrap
  • Temporary storage in quarantine freezer, then move to long term freezer
  • Computer controlled rate freezer is used to cool the stem cells

Licensing & Accreditation

Cryo-Save laboratories hold these accreditation awards

Cryo-Save Main EU Lab in Belgium: ISO 9001:2008, AABB
Cryo-Save Arabia in Dubai: AABB
Cryo-Save India: ISO 9001:2008, AABB

In addition, Cryo-Save holds the following:

  • Certificate of Product Liability
  • Dutch government license as a Tissue Bank issued by the Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport

Clinical Experience

Cord blood collections released by Cryo-Save

  • 8 samples have been released & transfused for therapies
  • 4 released for various diagnostic testing
  • 3 were released but the patient died before treatment

Among the 8 collections released for therapy:



  • 3 for Cerebral Palsy clinical trial at Duke University in USA (autologous)
  • 1 Medulloblastoma (autologous)
  • 1 ALL leukemia (brother)
  • 1 Congenital immunodeficiency (brother)
  • 1 brain/head injury (autologous)
  • 1 Aplastic Anemia (autologous)




  • All the process (from collection to shipping and processing) is covered by AON insurance.
  • Upon request, customers can receive an extended insurance package for all transportation risks.
  • Family will receive a monetary amount in the event of a transplant or other stem cell therapy (offered only in some countries).

Community Service

Cryo-Save offers its Cost-free Family Donation Programme, free of charge, to families wishing to store their newborn's umbilical cord blood stem cells for a family member diagnosed with a life-threatening disease currently treatable by stem cells. This programme is specifically designed to offer families in need the opportunity to have the cord blood stem cells of their expected newborn child collected and saved without any charges, aiming to treat a diseased first line relative in the near future.  
In order to qualify, the family member must be diagnosed with a disease that is currently treatable with umbilical cord blood stem cells, be a first degree blood relative, and have an oncologist/haematologist who agrees that the stem cells can be used for treatment. If eligible, Cryo-Save will provide the collection kit and process and store the newborn's cord blood sample, until needed, without any cost to the family.


  • Total cost (on average): Euro 1750,00 (please see individual countries for specifics)
  • First year fee includes storage for 20 years.
  • Option to extend storage for additional 5 years.Payment plans available and regularly proposed.

Additional Services

  • Storage of umbilical cord tissue
  • Storage of stem cells from adipose tissue
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