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Family Bank: Stem Cell S.A.


Stem Cell Banco de Células Madre (Stem Cell S.A.) is an independent Spanish company that processes and stores cord blood in the laboratory MLB GmbH, located in Bonn, Germany.

Labs and Locations

MLB Lab GmbH
Königstraße 73
53115 Bonn Germany

Business Experience

Stem Cell was founded in 2006, has contracts with all public and private hospitals, and is a founding member of the Spanish Association of Stem Cells banks (ABCM).

Collection Kit

Stem Cell provides a complete collection kit approved by the European Pharmacopoeia, in compliance with the GMP standards and supervised by the Spanish health authorities.

Transportation container

Stem Cell provides a shipping container that complies with the rules of international air transport for biological samples. It is qualified for temperature controlled transport and includes a data-logger.

Shipping Info

On behalf of client families, Stem Cell organizes the transport procedures, 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. The contract price includes shipping.

Processing Method

MLB processes the umbilical cord blood in clean rooms with the automated Sepax cell separation system from Biosafe and handles the samples under sterile conditions.

Components Stored

The final blood product stored is a preparation of leukocyte (whhite cell) concentrate containing CD 34 positive cells.

Storage Method

The samples are conserved in the gas phase of cryogenic nitrogen below -130 degrees C.

Licensing & Accreditation

- Stem Cell is authorized by the Spanish health authorities to sign agreements with hospitals.
- MLB is authorized to process stem cells under GMP-conditions (Good Manufacturing Practice) within the framework of the production authorisation according to section AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz) of German Pharmaceutical Law.


- In the event of medical treatment, stem cells will be transported within the EU for free.
- Stem Cell has an insolvency agreement to protect clients.

Community Service

Stem Cell values include the individual study in case of economic issues.


Stem Cell price is 1800 Euro + VAT.
•    Stem Cell sends the collection kit for free.
•    Stem Cell only invoices positive and effectively stored samples.
•    The prices include annual maintenance costs for 20 years.
Address: Avda. de la Constitucion, 3 34100 Spain.
Phone Numbers
Office +34 902 28 28 82 +34 902 28 28 82