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Family Bank: Safetycord



Safetycord is a global cord blood bank and the premier bank for Hispanic families worldwide. Safetycord offers gold-standard care from the moment you begin the registration process. Our service excellence assures the highest quality standards in stem cell storage including comprehensive analytical testing on both the baby's cord blood and mother's blood.  Safetycord is the only family cord blood bank in the United States that includes "High-Resolution HLA Typing" of all client cord blood, a test that is required prior to any therapy. This upfront testing guarantees that all necessary data is immediately available to you and your medical team should you ever need to use your stored sample.

Labs and Locations

Safetycord was established in 2005 to provide state-of-the-art private cord blood banking in a modern laboratory that is a member of the NMDP public banking network, AABB accredited, CLIA certified, and FDA approved. Safetycord is the only family cord blood bank in the United States that includes "High-Resolution HLA Typing" of cord blood.

Safetycord Corporate Headquarters are located at:
1783 Road 21, San Juan, PR 00921
Safetycord processes all cord blood at Community Blood Services laboratory:
102 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Montvale, NJ 07645
Long-term storage location of Community Blood Services:
1 Pearl Court, Unit C, Allendale, NJ 07401

Business Experience

Safetycord began marketing cord blood banking services in 2005 and has steadily grown every year since. Safetycord is a private company that has maintained financial stability without debt since its inception and has collected and stored stem cells from thousands of babies from Spanish-speaking families worldwide.

Safetycord's mission is to provide its clients with the best high-touch, ethically-motivated customer care experience. This is accomplished through:
•    the highest quality stem cell products and services
•    a private and protected web site for every client
•    unparalleled scientific excellence and innovative leadership in the areas of stem cell collection, processing, research and cryopreservation.

Collection Kit

Safetycord provides a professional, highly protective kit to all clients upon registration.

Transportation container

Safetycord's transport container includes a special pak that controls temperature during transportation to the processing laboratory. Safetycord's kit has been carefully evaluated by the courier service to meet all requirements for both International and Domestic shipments.

Shipping Info

Parents are provided with a collection kit that includes shipping labels and instructions. Safetycord contract pricing includes courier transport.

Processing Method

Safetycord's lab uses the state of the art, fully automated Sepax S-100 processing system from Biosafe. The Sepax processing kit is a sterile, single-use, functionally closed system, so that the cord blood never comes into contact with the external environment. Tests are taken after processing and before freezing to check counts of CD34+, TNC, and 7-AAD cell viability in order to verify product quality. Then, a cryo-preservative (55% DMSO/Dextran 40 solution) is added to the blood in a controlled manner through the utilization of an automated temperature controlled system, COOLMIX AS-210. The cooled cells are placed in a metal cassette and labeled with a unique identifying number.

Components Stored

The result of processing the cord blood is to separate a layer called the "buffy coat" which includes both white cells and stem cells. It is stored in a 25mL freezing cryobag consisting of two compartments (one major and one minor) that has three integrally attached segments used for additional unit testing. At time of storage, the client is provided with a certificate (securely transmitted via the online account) indicating the different tests performed on both mother's and baby's blood and including the important High Resolution HLA testing on the baby's cord blood.

Safetycord is the only family cord blood bank in the United States that includes "High-Resolution HLA Typing" of cord blood. This is the test that is used to determine the exact tissue type of the baby's cord blood. This test would be needed before the cord blood could be transplanted, even if it was going back to the baby from which it was banked. Safetycord provides the highest level of resolution HLA typing that is currently available.

Storage Method

The cassette containing the processed cells undergoes freezing starting at -80° C and is brought down to -150° C or below. The cells are held in a quarantine tank until all test results have been received and a final disposition is determined.

Licensing & Accreditation

Safetycord's lab is a public cord blood bank in the NMDP network and holds numerous licenses and accreditations, including:
•    Registered by FDA
•    Accredited by AABB
•    Certified by CLIA
•    Required state licenses for operation in CA, MD, NJ, NY
Safetycord holds additional FDA and state-level registrations and licenses specific to our quality cord blood banking services.

Clinical Experience

Safetycord’s lab also operates the New Jersey Cord Blood Bank (a public bank). Processing and storage of both public and private cord blood collections take place in the same laboratory guaranteeing government-mandated highest quality standards. As of December 2013, our stem cell laboratory has released over 300 cord blood units for transplant.


In the event a cord blood unit is released for transplantation, unused storage payments will be refunded to the client.

Community Service

Discounts are available for returning clients.
Family and friend referral program.
Safetycord has a discounted Gift Card option.
Safetycord offers high-touch customer care service as well as a private and protected web site for every client.


Service Fees (for Single Births)

Cord Blood Banking (Annual Option)
$400 for enrollment plus $1,700 for collection, processing, and first year storage (including priority courier service). Annual storage fee of $135 commences on baby’s first birthday.

Cord Blood Banking (20-Year Option)
$400 for enrollment plus $3,600 for collection, processing, and 20-year storage (including priority courier service). No additional annual fees during this 20-year storage.

Pricing Benefits
•    No late enrollment fees
•    No additional fees for courier transport
•    Includes High-Resolution HLA Typing
•    Discounts for twins, triplets, and younger siblings/repeat clients
•    Discounts to our clients for family and friend referrals
•    Discounts for prepaid storage of 20-years
•    Discounts for gift card option

Prices with Additional Services

See the Pricing section on Safetycord's website for more information on our options for cord blood storage.

Address: 102 Chestnut Ridge Rd, Montvale NJ 07645