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Precious Cells Group, founded 2008, has grown from a small laboratory based in London, into a global biotech healthcare company spanning four continents, serving thousands of direct clients, and working with several thousand healthcare professionals across more than 25 countries. Precious Cells Group has established an international reputation in the innovation and translational development of Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. Key areas of operations are Cord Blood Stem Cells and Peripheral Blood Stem Cells. Other areas include Dental Pulp, Adipose Tissue and Bone Marrow derived stem cells. The Group has developed proprietary cell banking platform technologies and tools for use in stem cell research for transplant preparation and cell transplant characterisation. (HTA License no: 22615).

Labs and Locations

Precious Cells Group has two fully operational laboratories both based within the UK which process cord blood and cord tissue stem cells. The first one is located at the company's head office within Brunel University Science Park, in the prestigious Brunel University campus in London. The dedicated facilities are located only 15 mins away from Heathrow International Airport, ensuring all samples collected from anywhere in the world are express couriered to the laboratory facility and processed immediately in a system operating 24/7. The second site is located in BioCity in Scotland within the prestigious heartland of one Europe's largest scientific hubs housing over 160,000sq ft of laboratories and offices.

  Precious Cells Group (London)
  HQ & BioBank
  BioBank Center of Excellence
  Gardiner Building
  Brunel Science Park
  London UB8 3PQ
  United Kingdom
  Precious Cells Group (Glasgow)
  Research & Development Division  
  BioCity Scotland
  Bo'ness Road, Newhouse
  Lanarkshire ML1 5UH
  Scotland, UK


Business Experience

Precious Cells Group (PCG) is the first and only UK BioBank founded by PhD level stem cell scientists and medical professionals. PCG builds upon over 10 years stem cell research and clinical studies. Located within one of London's best science parks ensures the company is constantly implementing the latest available technology in their laboratories. The bank has marketed cord blood banking since late 2000's and has operated its own lab since first founded. The inventory of stem cell units kept in the bank's laboratory now exceeds several thousand. PCG has processed peripheral blood, bone marrow, dental pulp and adipose tissue samples since late 2000's.

The major and unique operational difference of Precious Cells is that they are the first UK bank to operate a diverse private biobank facility AND the very first UK public-private bank operating exclusively with the National Health Service (NHS). PCG operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has full operational phone and hospital support workers ready to answer questions. 

Collection Kit

Blood Collection Kit:
Blood bag
Disinfectant swab
Miscellaneous clinical support items
Healthcare Professional Guide to Collection

Cord Tissue Collection Kit:
Tissue biopsy container
Precious Cells Patented Transport Solution
Miscellaneous clinical support items
Healthcare Professional Guide to Collection

Transportation container

The transportation container used by Precious Cells Group is surrounded by cool gel packs throughout and thermal insulation system creating the validated cryo-shipping kit. The container is validated to maintain regulated temperature during transportation due to the combination of the gel packs and the thermal insulation. The blood/tissue sample maintains optimal viability for a maximum of 5 days by remaining within ambient temperature conditions during the transportation period to the laboratory.

Shipping Info

Precious Cells Group will organize the shipping arrangements, parents simply contact the dedicated courier to request shipping of their sample as soon as the collection procedure has taken place. International Express Courier is undertaken by one of our partner companies (DHL, UPS or FEDEX); all shipping costs are included in the price of the service, regardless of the country of origin. Their couriers are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Employees of the bank are available to pick up blood/tissue at selected hospitals where necessary.

Processing Method

Precious Cells Group uses the state of the art automated Sepax 2 processing system from the Swiss company Biosafe. The processing kit is a single-use, closed system. As per transplantation center requirements, the company utilizes red blood cell depletion prior to cryopreservation.

Components Stored

Precious Cells Group extracts and preserves the buffy coat fraction containing the known population of stem cells including immune cells etc. 

Storage Method

Cord blood is stored in a sealed blood bag within a sealed overwrap bag to protect the stem cells from contamination. Within each bag they are separated into compartments with 3 testing segments. This makes it easier to access the cells for multiple usages. Tissue and Blood samples are stored separately. Final storage of the sample is within an aluminum canister which is fully barcoded for traceability. Temporary storage is in a quarantine freezer until the sample(s) are tested and clear. Final storage is within the vapour phase of cryogenic nitrogen not in the liquid phase

Precious Cells Group processing technique follows the international guidelines of minimal manipulation. The stem cells are prepared for slow-freeze by using a clinical grade cryoprotectant. The cryoprotectant is washed out of the stem cells during the thawing process. Best scientific practice has shown that this methodology is the most successful in terms of cell recovery.

Licensing & Accreditation

Precious Cells Group is licensed by the UK's regulatory watchdog - the Human Tissue Authority (HTA) - License No: 22615.  The HTA is the Competent Authority in the UK under the EU Tissues and Cells Directives with responsibility for licensing the storage of human tissue. When deciding which company to store your precious stem cells with, always ask if they are HTA regulated with a valid license.

Precious Cells BioBank meets the standards of the UK Department of Health Code of Practice for Tissue Banks, laid down to make sure that tissue of reliable quality is produced for supply to the health service for therapeutic purposes. It is the "Gold Standard" forUK stem cell bank operations.

Our accreditation also shows that we adhere to the Guidance on the Microbiological Safety of Human Organs, Tissues and Cells used in Transplantation as well as the current Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. In addition, Precious Cells is accredited under ISO 9001:2008 quality standards.

Clinical Experience

Precious Cells Group was founded by a stem cell biologist.  Dr. Husein K Salem founded Precious Cells Group after spending over a decade in academic research focusing on novel cellular therapies for a number of diseases, with particular emphasis on cardiac and neurological disorders. Dr. Salem has spent time working in some of the UK’s most elite universities including Manchester University and Imperial College London before setting up Precious Cells Group.

Precious Cells Group has been built upon the ever growing body of  strong scientific evidence that stem cells are a truly innovative and astonishing opportunity for all. Scientific excellence is supported by a strong team of professional scientists and medical professionals who support the development of the company as our Scientific Advisory Board.

Precious Cells Group has affiliations with stem cell treatment centres and are rapidly expanding our healthcare network using its skills and knowledge for the betterment of society. This network consists of clinical doctors, general practitioners, dentists, nurses, scientists and many more allied healthcare professionals.  Precious Cells Group is based within Brunel University, London, where their lab and offices are based. Being located within, and supported by a leading university, means they have access to current, up to date research into stem cell technology, therapy and advances.


Precious Cells Group has a disaster recovery plan, as required by regulatory bodies. The cryogenic facility maintains multiple levels of security. This includes back-up alarm systems, 24 hour on-call staff, 24 hour temperature monitoring, and a gravity driven liquid nitrogen system which does not depend on electricity.

Precious Cells Group are based in London UK with our offices and laboratories on site. They are located near to Heathrow and all the major road and rail networks, allowing all specimens to reach our laboratory in the quickest time possible for processing.

Precious Cells Group laboratories operate a policy ensuring your sample is received any day at any hour. As it is absolutely vital that samples reach the laboratory within a specified time frame, their location means they are able to receive samples from all over the world within the specified time frame.

The processing technique employed by Precious Cells Group follows the international guidelines of minimal manipulation. The stem cells are prepared for slow-freeze by using a cryoprotectant which prevents damage. The cryoprotectant is washed out of the stem cells during the thawing process. Best scientific practice has shown that this methodology is the most successful in terms of cell recovery. Precious Cells are due to operate an escrow account to secure storage fees for the term of the contract.

Community Service

Discounts for twins
Loyalty scheme discounts for current customers
Refer a friend scheme
Discounts to registered medical professionals
Discounts for multiple services


Due to different prices around the world - Please contact the company for the latest information.
Precious Cells has the most cost effective and diverse range of interest free payment plans, with prices starting as little as £6.45/month and long term prepayment options. With Precious Cells now everyone can afford to make this long term personal health investment.

Additional Services

•    Stem cells from dental pulp
•    Stem cells from adult bone marrow and blood
•    Stem cells from adipose/lipo/fat tissue



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