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Family Bank: PacifiCord


PacifiCord is one of the few family cord blood banks to provide premium service as well as optimal processing and storage methods for cord blood and cord tissue banking. Additionally, PacifiCord, in association with four other cord blood/tissue locations and three research and development subsidiaries worldwide, is a proud member of the HealthBanks Biotech Group, a company that has been at the forefront of cord blood/tissue banking and stem cell research across the globe.

Labs and Locations

PacifiCord’s laboratory and headquarters are both located at the same facility at 185 Technology Drive, Suite 150, Irvine, CA 92618.

Business Experience

PacifiCord is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech family, which has been a leader in pharmaceuticals, stem cell therapy, and research for over 28 years and has accumulated the most international accreditations (FACT, CAP, AABB, HOKLAS, ISO).

Collection Kit

PacifiCord invests in only the highest quality collection kits that are safe and convenient for both vaginal births and cesarean sections. Within the collection kit, you will find a FDA NDA approved, sterile Pall collection bag.  PacifiCord uses Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD), the preferred anti-coagulant and preservative that enables a significantly higher total nucleated cell count (TNC), recovery, and viability both before and after cord blood processing.  

For cord tissue collections, PacifiCord provides a sterile collection container for transport. PacifiCord also provides a Parent Checklist in the collection kit to help guide both parents and medical staff through the collection process.

Transportation container

PacifiCord’s collection kit maintains the temperature of the cord blood and tissue for optimal viability throughout transportation.  Inside of the kit are gel packs and a customized insulated pouch, designed to maintain the temperature of cord blood stem cells after the collection.  In addition, the Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD) anticoagulant in PacifiCord’s collection bag enhances the viability of the cells throughout transportation.

Shipping Info

PacifiCord makes the shipping process as easy as possible. Once the cord blood and tissue has been collected, the parents will call the number located on the collection kit, upon which they will be in contact with a PacifiCord representative.  A trained medical courier picks up the kit from the hospital and quickly delivers the kit to PacifiCord’s lab in Irvine. 

For residents of Southern California, PacifiCord arranges transportation with its own HIPAA certified couriers.  For residents who live outside of Southern California, PacifiCord uses Quick International Courier, which has been providing medical transportation services for over 30 years. All PacifiCord couriers are available on weekends and holidays, and courier/shipping costs are included in the original contract price for parents who reside within the United States.

Processing Method

When processing cord blood, PacifiCord uses the FDA cleared, automated AXP AutoXpress™ Platform that defines the highest processing standard for isolating and retrieving the most stem cells from the cord blood. 

When processing cord tissue, PacifiCord separates the mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the tissue rather than storing the entire cord tissue segment. By storing the isolated MSCs, parents already have a viable cellular product that is treatment if needed for regenerative therapy.

Components Stored

PacifiCord provides parents with a comprehensive Cord Blood Unit Report which includes: the date/time of storage, the location of their stem cells within the BioArchive storage system, the total nucleated cell count, and the viability of the stem cells stored.  Additionally, PacifiCord provides families with a personalized certificate of storage and a $50K Quality Product Guarantee.

Storage Method

Through every step of the storage process, PacifiCord emphasizes security and accuracy.  The stem cells are placed in a dual compartment molded bag, which is then secured by another overwrap freezing bag for long-term storage. Once the cells have been secured, PacifiCord uses the BioArchive storage system to store both the cord blood stem cells and the cord tissue cells.

PacifiCord is the only US bank to store cord tissue stem cells in the BioArchive. The BioArchive storage system is a fully automated system that submerges the stem cells in 100% liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius (the recommended storage temperature) and keeps them undisturbed until needed.   

Licensing & Accreditation

PacifiCord is FDA inspected and AABB accredited, in addition to being a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  PacifiCord is licensed to operate in the USA (NY, CA).  PacifiCord’s parent company, HealthBanks Biotech, has accumulated the most international accreditations in the industry. 


PacifiCord clients are covered by a $50K Quality Product Guarantee.

Community Service

PacifiCord provides the following services for clients:

  • Free Childbirth Preparation Classes led by certified educators
  • Free tours of the PacifiCord facility
  • Referral Rewards program available to clients who refer friends and family
  • Online Gift Registry available to all clients
  • Discounts for military personnel, select medical professionals, twins/triplets, returning clients, and firefighters/law enforcement


Cord Blood:

Plan: 1 Year Storage
Price: $1,395

Plan: 18 Year Storage
Price: $3,600

Plan: Lifetime Storage
Price: $5,600

Cord Blood and Cord Tissue:

Plan: 1 Year Storage
Price: $1,695

Plan: 18 Year Storage
Price: $6,290

Plan: Lifetime Storage
Price: $9,800

Address: 185 Technology Drive,CA 92618,