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Family Bank: MedCells (Cells4Life)

MedCells (Cells4Life)


MedCells is a Dubai-based company that serves as the Middle East affiliate of the UK bank Cells4Life. They offer either whole or volume reduced cord blood and cord tissue storage so that the samples can be used for regenerative or transplant medicine.  Whole cord blood storage captures those cells that are currently known and even those that may yet be discovered.  Cells4Life is the only UK company whose laboratory is open 24/7, 365 days per year, to offer geographically separate dual storage locations and dedicated medical courier collection.

Labs and Locations

The full address of the Dubai office is:
Cells4Life / MedCells
Office 407, Building 25
Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai, UAE

Cells4Life UK owns it’s own laboratory located at:
Units 2-3 Oak House
Woodlands Office Park
Albert Drive
Burgess Hill
RH15 9TN
United Kingdom

Business Experience

•    Cells4Life was founded in 2002 and was the first private company to offer a stem cell storage and collection service in the UK.
•    Cells4Life has operated its own laboratory since 2002 and currently stores in excess of 10,000 cord blood units.
•    Cells4Life has Customer Service Representatives and Medical Advisors available by phone and e-mail outside of normal operating hours.

Collection Kit

Each Cells4Life Cord Blood Collection Kit provides the necessary contents for the safe collection of umbilical cord blood.  Included within the tamper evident packaging, are:     
•    Pictorial instructions for the lawful collection of umbilical cord blood.
•    Cord blood collection bags with CPDA anticoagulant (two provided in case of malfunction or emergency)
•    Gauze swabs
•    Chlorhexidine swabs to sterilize needle insertion point
•    Cord blood packaging (to IATA specification)
•    Maternal blood sample Collection Kit
•    Ancillary items for procurement

When cord tissue is collected in addition to cord blood, the Cells4Life +Cord Collection Kit provides the following additional contents, within the tamper evident packaging:
•    Pictorial instructions for the lawful collection of umbilical cord tissue
•    DGP PATHOSEAL 95 (including absorbent pad)
•    Cord collection pot
•    Sterile Normasol™ saline sachets
•    Forceps
•    Disposable scissors
•    Gauze swabs

Transportation container

The unique MedCells KIT (UN3373) is a state of the art blood transportation KIT designed specifically to transport blood – the KIT is a small refrigerator which once activated is able to maintain a temperature of 2-8 degrees Celsius, to ensure the best viability of your sample. We do NOT use GEL packs as they do not maintain sufficient temperature of the cells for the duration of the shipment (up to 72 hours).

Shipping Info

•    Courier collection in the Middle East operates 24/7, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays.  This service is included in the base price for all Middle East collections. No additional costs are incurred.
•    A Cells4Life representative will come to the hospital and ensure correct packaging of the sample(s), fill out all documentation and arrange the specialized Medical Courier for shipment of your sample to the laboratory.

Processing Method

Cells4Life stores whole umbilical cord blood (Platinum Service) and volume-reduced umbilical cord blood (GOLD Service).    To determine the viability of the sample, Cells4Life uses a Personal Cell Analyser (PCA). The PCA uses a laser to count the numbers of dead and viable cells within the whole sample.  With these counted, the apparatus determines with a high degree of accuracy the percentage viability and number of nucleated cells within the cord blood sample. Cells4Life performs microbial sterility testing on the sample(s) as well as disease marker testing on the maternal blood as required by law. Parents are provided with these detailed testing results on an official Testing Certificate issued by the Cells4Life laboratory describing all results (volume of blood stored, cell count, viability, cord blood and cord tissue sterility and maternal disease marker testing).

Components Stored

Cells4Life stores whole cord blood, and as such is the only UK company that stores all stem cell types found in umbilical cord blood and cord tissue. These include Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSC’s), Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC’s), Unrestricted Somatic Stem Cells (USSC’s) and Very Small Embryonic-Like Stem Cells (VSELs). We capture the maximum number of stem cells to ensure your sample will be of greater therapeutic value today and in the future; all cells currently known and even those that may yet be discovered are safely stored at the time of birth. The ability of these stem cell types to transform into many different types of tissue, such as muscle, cartilage, bone and neuronal cells of the brain makes them of particular interest in Regenerative medicine.

Storage Method

Cells4Life stores the majority of the umbilical cord blood sample in a cryogenic bags AND smaller subsections of the sample in cryogenic containers. Following initial processing, the sample undergoes a controlled rate freeze for 24 hours to -80 degrees Celsius and is then stored in vapour stage cryogenic nitrogen tanks at -180 degrees Celsius. Uniquely, Cells4Life store your sample in two separate geographical locations for safety as well as multiple sub-divisions to allow you maximum flexibility of use in the future.

Licensing & Accreditation

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA), a division of the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), is the legal body in the UK responsible for tissue bank licensure: it is illegal to operate within the UK in this field without an HTA license.  Cells4Life holds an open ended (no expiry), unconditional HTA License 11083 covering every aspect of cord blood and tissue storage for human application. HTA License 11083 encompasses all international and European standards of GLP (Good Laboratory Practice), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and ISO Principles. Cells4life holds a UKNEQAS (National External Quality Assessment Service) accreditation for microbiology. 

Clinical Experience

Cells4Life offers private umbilical cord blood and tissue storage only and has released one umbilical cord blood sample for treatment in a clinical trial to date.


•    The Cells4Life laboratory is protected by a 24/7 security system and personnel on site.
•    Cells4Life has a disaster recovery plan in place which allows all of their cryopreservation tanks to be relocated to another HTA facility until theirs are back to normal.
•    All client data is handled according to the UK Data Protection Act


Cells4Life offers the following services:

Platinum +Cord Service - £2245
Whole cord blood + cord tissue with 25 years storage

Platinum Service - £1895
Whole cord blood with 25 years storage

Gold Service +Cord Service - £2145
Volume reduced cord blood + cord tissue with 25 years storage

Gold Service - £1695
Volume reduced cord blood with 25 years storage

Visit our website for the most up to date prices and services for each market.
UK –
Spain –
Italy –
Bulgaria –
Middle East–

Additional Services

•    Storage of umbilical cord tissue
•    HLA tissue typing service for cord blood and peripheral blood donors
•    Newborn genetic screening available upon request
•    New services to be introduced:  Storage of stem cells from dental pulp and adipose tissue.

Address: Healthcare City United Arab Emirates .
Phone Numbers
(Office): +971 43116613 (Mobile): +971 50 553 8373