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Family Bank: Maze Cord Blood Laboratories

MAZE Cord Blood Laboratories


Maze is committed to providing top quality cord blood banking at an affordable cost; we have a one-time collection, processing and storage fee with no payments whatsoever for 20 years. Maze has an informative video to explain The Answers to your Questions.

Labs and Locations

Maze Cord Blood Laboratories is an FDA approved and regulated cord blood storage facility. They partner with Community Blood Services laboratory for processing. Since first opening, their laboratory has processed over 35,000 units of cord blood and provided cord blood stem cells for over 300 transplants.

Business Experience

Maze Cord Blood Laboratories was founded with a commitment to making cord blood banking affordable for as many parents as possible without ever compromising the service and quality.  Maze has been offering cord blood banking since 2004.  The parent company Maze Laboratories also operates an FDA-approved fertility lab that specializes in male fertility testing, and operates the medical centers Maze Women's Sexual Health, and Maze Men's Sexual & Reproductive Health. The staff of Maze includes Medical Director Marvin A. Lessig, DO, FCAP.  Maze stores processed cord blood in their own facility and has on-call service available 24 hours a day. 

Collection Kit

Maze provides a state-of-the-art collection kit and provides all the supplies needed for cord blood collection, including needles, iodine swabs for disinfecting, blood tubes for maternal testing, primary collection bag and labels for identifying the samples. The Maze kit contains the Pall blood bag and the anti-coagulant CPD. The kit is sterile inside and out, so that it can go into the operating room for a C-section.

Transportation container

  1. When the blood is collected, it is shipped via our medical courier service.
  2. After the cord blood is processed at the laboratory, it is then shipped in a vapor nitrogen tank to the storage lab at Maze Laboratories headquarters.

Shipping Info

Parents will be given a number to call once the baby has been born and the cord blood has been collected.  Pick-up is available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.  Maze arranges courier shipping with Quick International on behalf of parents. FedEx shipping is also available upon request at an additional charge.

Processing Method

In the lab, the technician will:

  1. Run the mother's blood through a wide variety of tests to ensure that there are no diseases present at the time of delivery that could have transferred to the child's cord blood.
  2. Reduce the volume of the blood to about one quarter of the collected volume (approximately 25 ml or .85 ounce) by removing a large proportion of the red blood cells and plasma (liquid portion of the blood). The red blood cells and plasma do not need to be stored as they do not contain stem cells.
  3. Analyze the cord blood to determine how many cells suitable for transplant are present, and create a report with this information. This information will be useful in case you need to use the cord blood later.
  4. Add cryo-preservative (special chemicals to help in the freezing process) to the remaining stem cell collection.
  5. Slowly chill the bag by 1º centigrade (C) per minute in a controlled rate freezer until it reaches the temperature of -130º C.  It is standard lab procedure to cool cells slowly to this target temperature before putting them into the freezer.
  6. Transfer the stem cell collection to cryogenic storage in a tank holding vapor nitrogen at the optimal long-term storage temperature of -196º C.  The portable freezer tank will be shipped back to Maze Laboratories for final storage in a large freezer tank. 

Components Stored

Maze provides parents with a certificate describing test results.  The stored component of the cord blood is the buffy coat holding white cells and stem cells.  Maze also stores maternal blood plus several testing portions.

Storage Method

Processed cord blood is transferred frozen to Maze Labs.  Cord blood that is already frozen can travel around the world without any loss of viability.  The final storage is in the Maze cryogenic facility in Purchase that has been FDA approved for over 18 years.  The frozen stem cells are held in 25ml bags that are encased in overwrap and then placed in a metal canister.  All current storage is in freezers using the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

Maintaining the highest possible cord blood standards in the industry, your cord blood is processed in an FDA registered, AABB & American Society of Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics (ASHI) accredited lab that is a member of National Cord Blood Inventory (NCBI) the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). In addition Maze is licensed by all 4 US states that require cord blood bank licensing: CA, MD, NJ and NY.

Clinical Experience

So far Maze has only released one collection back to the baby for successful therapy (testimonial).


Maze guarantees FREE storage for 20 years.

Community Service

  1. Discounts are available for returning clients, military personnel, doctors, teachers, police and fire fighters.
  2. Maze has a gift registry.
  3. Maze offers exceptional customer service, including personal handling of paperwork and a monthly electronic newsletter.


The total one-time cost is $2490.  This includes enrollment, cost of kit, processing and includes FREE storage for 20 years and FREE shipping.

Additional Services

Maze also offers combiend Cord Blood and Cord Tissue storage for a total, one-time cost of $3,490. This includes enrollment, cost of kit, processing and includes FREE storage for 20 years and FREE shipping.

Prices with Additional Services

Maze offers an additional 5 years of storage as follows: $425 for Cord Blood; $625 for Cord Blood and Tissue.

Address: 2975 Westchester Avenue, Purchase NY 10577, United States
Phone Numbers
Free 877-MAZE-LAB (629-3522)