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Family Bank: LVCM


Laboratorio Venezolano de Células Madre (LVCM) was the first cord blood bank established in Venezuela. Parents in Venezuela have a choice of 3 cord blood laboratories:
  1. LVCM - Caracas, Venezuela
  2. GeneCell International - Miami, FL, USA
  3. Community Blood Services - Allendale, NJ, USA

Labs and Locations

LVCM laboratory in Venezuela is located in Caracas:
Av. Rómulo Gallegos, Torre KLM, piso 7. Ofic. A-B. Urb. Los Palos Grandes.

Business Experience

Laboratorio Venezolano de Células Madre (LVCM) was the first cord blood bank established in Venezuela.  Together with their sister laboratories they have processed and stored 30 thousand cord blood units. Below are their  offices in Venezuela:

Av. Rómulo Gallegos, Torre KLM, piso 7. Ofic. A-B. Urb. Los Palos Grandes.
Tel: (0212) 2853302 / 3855/ 8792
Cel. Oficina: (0414) 2436521 / (0426) 5181818
Cel. Ventas: (0424) 3515814 / (0424) 3515831

Maracay- Edo. Aragua

Sede Administrativa: Calle Araguaney, Edif. Módulo Rotary Club, Urb. La Arboleda.
Tel: (0243) 2417319 /5953
Oficina Ventas: Calle Comercio, Nº 1, Edif. Maternidad La Floresta.
Tel: (0243) 2415335
Cel: (0424) 3121230

Valencia- Edo. Carabobo
Urb. San José de Tarbes, Nº 138-41, Torre BOD, P.B, Local P5.
Tel: (0241) 8244481
Cel: (0424) 3515823

Barquisimeto- Edo. Lara
Av. Los Leones, Centro Empresarial Barquisimeto, Piso 4, Ofic 4-3.
Tel: (0251) 9356338
Cel: (0414) 5125705

Maracaibo-Edo. Zulia

Sector La Lago, Av. 3F con calle 72, Edif. Las Tinajas, local 2B.
Tel: (0261) 7922231
Cel: (0424)-3515852

San Cristóbal- Edo. Táchira

Calle 10 entre Carreras 22 y 23, C.C. Milenio Plaza, piso 3, Ofic. 11. Barrio Obrero.
Tel: (0500) 6456111
Cel. (0424) 3515894

Puerto la Cruz- Edo. Anzoátegui
Av. Lic. Diego Bautista Urbaneja. C.C y Profesional Yariku, P.B, Nº 3. Lecherías.
Tel: (0500) 6456111
Cel: (0424) 3515867

Puerto Ordaz-Edo. Bolívar
Tel: 0500 6456111
Cel: (0424) 3130589

Mérida- Edo. Mérida
Tel: 0500 6456111
Cel: (0414) 9567178

Maturín- Edo. Monagas
Tel: 0500 6456111
Cel: (0414) 0507474

Collection Kit

LCM and GeneCell International rely on gravity drip into a blood bag for the collection procedure. They use the 250 mL Baxter/Fenwal blood bag that already contains 35 mL of the anti-coagulant CPD. A sterile extension is provided for use during a C-section. LVCM has a proprietary collection kit that contains all components that the procurement physician will need. The components to collect the required maternal blood include vacutainer blood collection tubes, needles and holders.  Instructions are provided for collection and shipping of both cord blood and cord tissue.

Transportation container

The collection kits are insulated for the protection of the cord blood and all other tissues during the shipping process.  The kits have been validated under test conditions and are guaranteed to maintain room temperature until the kit reaches its destination within a period of 72 hours.  Temperature data loggers are periodically used during our validation process.

Shipping Info

Shipping arrangements are simple.  The cord blood collection kit includes pre-filled and addressed documents, including the air bill.  Clients generally call our facility to inform us of the birth, and then call the shipper. We are staffed to provide services during weekends and holidays as long as the shipping company delivers during these days. Within the Caracas area we have FREE courier services to pick up the cord blood from the hospital. For international shipments, we use FedEx, DHL and UPS. 

Processing Method

LVCM manually processes it units via a volume reduction method (in a closed system) that is essentially the same as the method pioneered by Dr. Pablo Rubinstein at the NY Blood Center.

Components Stored

LVCM stores the "buffy coat" component of the blood that contains white blood cells, stem cells, a reduced volume of plasma and a reduced volume of red blood cells.  They are stored in a 25 mL Pall blood bag.
Parents are provided a Lab Report that contains the following:
•    Unique ID
•    Date of processing
•    Pre-processing volume and TNC
•    Post-processing viability (7AAD), TNC, and CD34

Storage Method

LVCM cord blood units are stored in the Pall freezing bag.  This is a two chamber bag (20ml and 5ml compartments) which also contains 2 integrally attached segments that can be utilized for HLA testing prior to release of the umbilical cord blood unit.  Each Pall bag is encased in a vacuum-sealed Teflon overwrap for additional protection as a barrier to the outside environment.  All samples are stored in the liquid phase of cryogenic nitrogen to ensure there are no thermal transitions upon opening and closing of the cryogenic tank, which may be a potential risk for those cord blood units stored only in the vapor phase.  Too many thermal transitions may result in a lower viability cord blood cell therapy product.

Clinical Experience

LVCM and its sister laboratories have together processed and stored over 30 thousand cord blood units.
Address: Avenida R.
Phone Numbers
+58 (0243) 241 7319