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Family Bank: Lifeforce Cryobanks


Cord for LifeSM is a brand of Lifeforce Cryobanks (LC), a fully accredited NMDP-member public cord blood bank that brings the same level of expertise and oversight to their family banking service. LC has been banking cord blood since 1995.

Labs and Locations

LC laboratory is located at their headquarters. LC utilizes premium collection bags, fully validated shipping kits, and their PremierMaxCB processing method to ensure a high quality stem cell product stored for your potential use. 

Business Experience

LC has collected cord blood for public and private banking since 1995. LC has collected over 28,000 units and processed over 18,500 units for their public bank, and currently (Oct. 2016) have a private inventory of 2,800 units stored for families. LC has client service staff available to answer phone calls M-F 8-5 ET and an 24hr messaging service for emergencies.

Collection Kit

The LC collection utilizes the Pall brand (CPD anticoagulant) cord blood collection bag, which is sterilize both inside and outside for C-section collections. The collection kit contains all materials for collection and shipping.

Transportation container

The LC kit contains gel packs and thermal insulation and has been validated to maintain room temperature when properly packaged for greater than 48 hrs at external temperatures ranging from 30-110F.  The kit may contain an internal data logger as part of our random continued validation process.

Shipping Info

Parents call LC following the delivery of their baby and collection of the cord blood.  LC staff will arrange for the courier pick up at the hospital.  Contract price includes standard FedEx shipping, available M-F.  For deliveries on weekends and holidays, a special medical courier is necessary and client will be billed up to $300 for service (not to exceed actual cost). Shipping from non-US clients is determined on case-by-case basis.

Processing Method

LC processes cord blood with our exclusive premium PremierMaxCB process that features PrepaCyte-CB from BioE and CryoStor CS10 along with individual unit post-thaw QC.  This process removes excess plasma and 99% of red cells, leaving a concentrated cellular product (buffy coat).

Components Stored

LC stores stem cells in a total 25mL volume sectioned in one 80%/20% split bag with 3-5 attached segments.  CB plasma samples, CB cell samples, and maternal serum and plasma samples are also stored for potential testing.  Parents are provided a card describing test results and an ID number.

Storage Method

Final storage is in 80%/20% (20ml/5mL) bags, overwrapped, inside an aluminum cassette in the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen.

Licensing & Accreditation

LC is accredited by AABB, and licensed in the States of CA, MD, NJ and NY.

Clinical Experience

LC has released 5 family units for autologous therapy. LC also collects cord blood donations for their public bank, and has released 104 of them for transplant.

Community Service

LC has an Imminent Need charity program for families expecting transplantation within 1 year.


Total cost = $1699 includes first yr storage, kit, std shipping, processing; NO HIDDEN FEES.
Annual storage fee = $120; multi-year discounts available.

Address: 270 Northlake Boulevard, FL 32701
Phone Numbers
(Free): 800-869-8608 (Office): 407-834-8333