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Family Bank: Genico


Genico is an independent company which owns a private biobank and keeps personal and face to face contacts with mothers through its network of accredited advisors. Company offices and laboratory are located in Ascona and Sementina, Switzerland.

Labs and Locations

Genico's laboratory is located in Sementina, Switzerland, and it is specialized in processing and storing of stem cells and biological tissues.

The laboratory complies with ISO 9001:2008 quality standards and is also subject to regular approval by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for the storage, importation, and exportation of stem cells from cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for autologous use.

Stem cells and tissues stored by Genico can be used at all transplant centers around the world. They are stored according to the most restrictive criteria for biological safety and traceability, as established by the international standards currently in effect.

Business Experience

Genico is located in Ascona, Switzerland, and has been active throughout Europe since 2004. The company has its own biobank and keeps personal contacts with mothers through its network of accredited advisors.

Throughout the pregnancy, the advisor remains in direct contact with the parents-to-be, helps them prepare the documents required for cryogenic storage, and personally arranges for the collecting kit to be picked up at the hospital.

Genico is ISO 9001:2008 certified and closely supervised by an international science committee.

Genico is one of the first company to have dedicated itself to Italian mothers and continual improvements to the company's services have ensured that today, it is one of the companies with the most export permits (required by Italian law) for specimens. Genico operates also in Switzerland where it is based.

In addiction to cryogenic storage of stem cells from cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for autologous use, the company offers StepOne© expanded newborn screening, making early diagnosis of most currently known genetic diseases possible, so as to identify early treatments and give affected children the possibility of living normal lives.

Collection Kit

The kit is provided before the delivery of the baby and has to be brought to the hospital, to enable physicians or midwives to collect the umbilical cord blood right after the baby’s birth. It contains a sterile blood bag (which can be used in an operating room during a C-Section) with CPD anti-coagulant and all the necessary equipment for sterile collection of cord blood and cord sample. It is specifically built to store and preserve the specimens during transportation to the laboratory, and it contains detailed instructions for umbilical blood and cord sample collection.

The sterile blood bag provided by Genico complies with European Medical Device Directive (CE mark).

Transportation container

•    Genico’s container has cool packs and thermal insulation in the transport box to maintain temperature for a certain number of hours, to permit a safe arrival at the lab.
•    Genico’s container is validated to maintain temperature within set criteria under test conditions.
•    Genico’s container includes a temperature logger.
•    The samples are placed in an airtight rigid container for greater safety during transport.
• Genico's container has passed all tests and checks to confirm the suitability for the transport of biological specimens: the internal pressure test in accordance with IATA Packaging Instruction 650 and the drop and portability tests in accordance with EN 353-2.

Shipping Info

Soon after birth, the collection kit is picked up by the Genico personal consultant of the family. Genico is the only company that organizes the pick up in person, by specialized staff.
The shipping is run by a certified international courier service and the kit is taken to the laboratory within 44 hours, also on weekends and public holidays.
The contract price includes shipping as well as future delivery of stem cells to the transplantation surgery centre, should they be needed.

Processing Method

Genico uses automated laboratory processing to reduce possible contamination and increase laboratory capacity. The Genico processing method is the automated Sepax system from the Swiss company Biosafe and it conforms to the highest international quality standards.  Sepax is an automated cell separation system which relies on a light beam to sense the density gradient between different cell layers after the blood has been spun in a centrifuge. The bag kit is sterile, functionally closed, and single-use.

Components Stored

Genico stores the stem cells in two separate samples, so they can be used twice, in case scientific breakthroughs should make this possible.

•    Parents are provided with a certificate including all basic and necessary information.
•    Doctors are provided with a document including all specific information, if required.
•    Blood components stored are the buffy coat fraction containing white cells and stem cells, plus two contiguous testing segments.

Storage Method

The stem cells are preserved and their quantity and quality will be determined. They are then divided into two blood bags and preserved below -170°C in the gas phase of cryogenic nitrogen. 
•    Final storage is in blood bags
•    Storage container is encased in over wrap
•    Temporary storage in quarantine tanks, then move to long term tank
•    Computer controlled rate freezer is used to cool the stem cells

Licensing & Accreditation

The bank's team of biologists and technical experts in cryogenic storage continually ensures that the parameters for stem-cell storage meet the highest quality and safety standards. Genico guarantees that, if need be, your child's stem cells can be made available as quickly as possible and in compliance with the benchmark quality standards (NetCord-FACT international standards).

Genico's laboratory is certified under quality standard EN ISO 9001:2008 (certificate no. CH-37942) and it complies with the international standards for the sector (NetCord-FACT and FACT-JACIE international standards). It is also registered with the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) for the storage, importation, and exportation of stem cells from cord blood and umbilical cord tissue for autologous use, and is monitored by Swissmedic, Switzerland's central agency for therapeutic products.

Couriers are certified for the transportation of biological specimens.
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Clinical Experience

The company supports independent medical research. To this end, it provides financial support to one of the most advanced medical facilities at the international level: the University Hospital of Geneva stem-cell research laboratory.


If, after delivering the baby, blood sample collection or stem cell extraction from blood and/or umbilical cord tissue is not possible, Genico undertakes to return the parents the whole amount already paid.

Should the cord blood supplied not meet the minimum requirements, the parents may decide whether or not to store the sample. In case they decide not to store them, the amount already paid will be refunded.

In compliance with the contract that the future parents sign with Genico, the cryoconservation service for their child’s cells is guaranteed and protected, even if the company should go bankrupt, through a fund that has been especially set up by Genico.

For all countries except for Switzerland: Should it not be possible to carry out the operation required in local health facilities, Genico will take care of the technical costs for the transplantation procedures, that will be carried out in one of the centers in Switzerland associated with the company, up to a maximum amount of € 50,000.


•    Total cost: CHF 3280.- tax included (30 years storage included)
•    Payment plans available, benefits for advance payment and returning clients

Additional Services

•    Storage of umbilical cord tissue
•    Extended neonatal screening to investigate more than 50 rare diseases
•    Advanced DNA and blood analysis:
- HLA Typing
- Category HLA-A, HLA-B e DRB1 Typing
- DNA Extraction and preservation
- Genetic Analysis

Prices with Additional Services

•    Multiple services pack prices can be discussed directly with the personal consultant to meet family needs.
Address: viale Bartolomeo Papio 3 6612 Switzerland.
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