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Family Bank: Genecord


We provide clinically proven, professional cord blood collection, storage and support service that gives you peace of mind for the future.  We maintain industry-defining technology and a safe, reputable cord blood storage facility with more than 30 years of experience in cryopreservation and tissue banking.

Labs and Locations

We maintain tight control and proprietary interest in our processing and storage facilities, which are located in Augusta, GA. You can be assured that once cord blood stem cells are shipped to our facility, they will remain securely stored and will never be moved or transferred to another storage facility. 

Business Experience

Our team has more than 30 years' experience in banking valuable cells and tissues. We are leaders in cryogenic storage and one of the world's first cryobanks - in other words, we're not going anywhere. Our longevity and financial stability ensure that we will be here to safeguard your baby's cord blood stem cells. Our moral and contractual commitment to you protects your precious Cord Blood units under all circumstances.  

Collection Kit

Supplies are provided for gravity collection into a blood bag:
1. Cord Blood Collection Worksheet & Blood Bag Label
2. Tubes & Materials for Mother's Blood Samples
3. Disinfection supplies (Providone iodine swabsticks), toweling, needle guards & C-section adapter needle
4. Collection Bag (Fenwal, Inc BLOOD-PACKtm), Needle & Tubing - these are all sterile both inside and out for C-section use.
5. The bag contains anti-coagulant (Citrate Phosphate Dextrose Solution or CPD)
6. Biohazard bag

Transportation container

Transport container is validated to maintain temperature under test conditions when our Couriers are used and request for pickup is made to Genecord by the client within 1 hour after cord blood collection. Transport container includes a temperature logger.

Shipping Info

Shipping arrangements are made by Genecord after the parent(s) have notified us of the birth. Our contracted price includes expedited shipping. We use the best available courier service (eg FedEx, Global Logistics) as required by the time and day of receipt of call and location of the specimen for pickup. Our couriers are available night and weekends. There is never any additional cost for shipping.

Processing Method

Manual cell separation by Bio E PrepaCyte processing method

Components Stored

Parents are provided with a certificate describing test results (cell counts, viability, CD34+)

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags.
First the blood is placed in temporary storage in a nitrogen vapor quarantine freezer until it clears infectious disease testing, then it is moved to the long term freezer.
The long term freezer uses the vapor phase of cryogenic nitrogen and is automated.

Licensing & Accreditation

Our laboratory is accredited by  ISO 9001:2008, has FDA registration, and a CLIA certificate.

Clinical Experience

We currently store in excess of 300 cord blood collections.
No client storage has been released yet for therapy.


Storage fees paid in advance are refundable (according to contractual terms).

Community Service

Discounts for military personnel and families with prior need for stem cell transplant.


$2595 one time cost that includes enrollment + courier + processing + 20 year storage fee. 
Storage for 20 years is included in comprehensive price.
Short-term payment plans available upon request.

Address: 900 Northern BoulevardSuite 230, NY 11021.
Phone Numbers
Free 877-783-7836