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Family Bank: Core23 BioBank


Core23 Biobank is a hybrid cord blood & tissue bank in Springfield, Missouri that combines aspects of both the public and private cord blood banking systems. We provide families across the Midwest an easy, safe and secure opportunity to save, or donate, their baby's umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

Labs and Locations

Core23 BioBank
909 East Republic Road, Suite B104
Springfield, Missouri 65807

Business Experience

Core23 Biobank owns and operates its very own, state of the art laboratory in Springfield Missouri. Our cord blood banking laboratory is open and available 24 hours a day 365 days per year. We have cord blood experts available to educate expecting parents about the wonderful opportunity of cord blood banking seven days a week.

Collection Kit

Core23 supplies expecting parents with a proprietary cord blood collection kit which includes:
A sterile cord blood collection bag for use in either C-Section or vaginal delivery.
All supplies needed for Cord Blood and Cord Tissue banking are included in the Core23 collection kit.
Core23 Biobank also makes extra supplies and backup kits available to select labor and delivery units in the United States in the event of an unexpected need for additional supplies.

Transportation container

Core23 Biobank transportation packaging has special design and construction to optimize both shock resistance during transportation as well as insulation during delivery to the Core23 Laboratory by the medical courier in charge of safely transporting your cord blood.

Shipping Info

Enrollment price includes shipping. When you enroll with Core23 Biobank there are no hidden fees, we include everything that you need for the cord blood banking process including a trained medical courier to come right to the hospital and pick up your cord blood and deliver it directly to the Core23 Biobank Laboratory.  

Processing Method

Core23 Biobank uses a proprietary method of processing that is designed to maximize the number of cells attained post processing while giving optimal retention of all types of valuable cells in the cord blood and cord tissue.

Components Stored

After the processing and testing Core23 Biobank will send your family a Certificate of Storage that outlines the tests performed, the results of those tests, and other relevant details about your cord blood and cord tissue stored at Core23 Biobank.

Storage Method

Final storage is in blood bags designed with multiple sections for the potential future use in multiple doses for testing, transfusion, or transplant. Your storage bags are encased in an over wrap pouch as an additional protective layer around your valuable cells during the cryopreservation (freezing) and long term storage process.

Licensing & Accreditation

Core23 Biobank is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration.
Core23 Biobank is registered to provide the service of cord blood and cord tissue banking to residents through its State of the Art Laboratory located in Springfield Missouri.

Clinical Experience

Core23 Biobank is a hybrid Cord Blood Bank. In addition to the service of Family/Private Banking Core23 Biobank state of the art laboratory in Springfield Missouri also collects cord blood and cord tissue donations for the public. Core23 Biobank is a research intensive institution focused on participating in and contributing to research and clinical trials using all of our resources to support such efforts. Core23 Biobank develops medical products and devices for the cell therapeutics and regenerative medicine industry right here in our very own cutting edge laboratory. Core23 Biobank has a special service for parents seeking cell therapeutics or regenerative medicines.

Community Service

Free banking is given to families where an immediate relative has a diagnosis for which transplantation is standard therapy.
Core23 Biobank offers discounts for military personnel.
Core23 Biobank offers discounts to medical doctors.


First Year Services
Cord Blood  $2,300
Cord Tissue  $1,000
Cord Plasma $  500

Annual Storage Fees
Cord Blood  $175
Cord Tissue  $125
Cord Plasma $100

Discounts Available for pre-paid storage
Cord Blood  $2,362 (15yr,10%) $2,975 (20yr,15%) $3,500 (25yr,20%)
Cord Tissue  $1,687 (15yr,10%) $2,125 (20yr,15%) $2,500 (25yr,20%)
Cord Plasma $1,350 (15yr,10%) $1,700 (20yr,15%) $2,000 (25yr,20%)

Additional Services

Core23 Biobank was the very first hybrid Cord Blood bank to offer the exciting opportunity to preserve the umbilical cord plasma in addition to the Cord Blood and Cord Tissue. Core23 also offers newborn genetic testing options.