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Family Bank: CordónVida Servet


CordónVida Servet was the first family cord blood bank in Chile to be associated with a clinic and is the leader in Chile to implement GMP standards in processing and storage of cord blood. CordonVida Servet operates to such high standards that they are able to offer a public donation option in addition to family storage of cord blood.

Labs and Locations

CordónVida Servet owns a GMP laboratory at their headquarters in Santiago-Chile. The laboratory is glass-enclosed and can be viewed by prospective parents. Our technology partner Vita34 is one of the elite cord blood banks in Germany that is approved by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute (PEI, the German version of the US FDA) to produce, or "manufacture" cord blood (CB) for use either by the donor child (autologous use), or by a sibling or unrelated person (allogeneic use), and to participate in clinical trials with cord blood for several medical indications.

Business Experience

CordónVida Servet was founded in January 2012 with technology training from Vita34 in Germany and has been banking cord blood since August  2012. They are the only cord blood bank in Chile that has a laboratory following the GMP standard. They have partnerships with health insurance companies, with life insurance companies such as MetLife, and partnerships with 15 clinics in Chile. At CordónVida Servet, all the staff of the bank answers phone calls. Phone lines are available for emergency calls 24 hr / 7 days a week.

Collection Kit

The kit used by CordónVida Servet is Vita 34 technology:

  • Brand name bag: "Entnahmeset Vita 34"
  • Bag is sterile inside & outside for C-Section use
  • Proprietary bag, validated and accepted by the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute
  • Special disinfection kit supplied with the set
  • CPD used as anti-coagulant

Transportation container

When CordónVida Servet transports the umbilical cord of your baby, a record of the temperature is kept throughout your journey. By better controlling the temperature a greater number of living stem cells are saved. This will provide a better sample for any future promising treatments with umbilical cord stem cells, thanks to medical advances in the world.

  • * CordónVida Servet kit has 2 gel packs and thermal insulation.
  • * The container is validated and tested to maintain room temperature under test conditions.
  • * Test conditions are German TueV test and in Chile transport temperature range of 18-26° Celsius.
  • * CordónVida Servet shipping container includes a temperature logger. 
  • * CordonVida Servet  pioneered the use of temperature loggers in cord blood transport in Latin America.

Shipping Info

  • * Contract price at CordónVida Servet includes shipping for any clinic nationwide.
  • * The transport kit is picked up personally from the clinic where the baby was born by our Product Specialist. This service has NO additional cost to parents. 
  • * The courier service is available 24 hours / 7 days a week.
  • * CordónVida Servet also offers insurance for the family which guarantees and protects the kit with the cord blood inside.
  • * Standard shipping is by via air line "LAN Chile", this is coordinated by CordónVida Servet for safe transport within 12 hours.

Processing Method

CordónVida Servet follows the Vita34 method of storing whole blood, with no cell separation, no plasma depletion, no loss of cells.

Components Stored

CordónVida Servet provides parents with a certificate describing all test results from cord blood and maternal blood (including virus antibodies, cell counts, bacterial contamination, blood type, exams aerobic & anaerobic).
The bag of whole blood plus 5 testing samples are held together in a single metal cassette when they go into the cryotank.

Storage Method

CordónVida Servet final storage is in a proprietary cryobag developed by Vita34 for high breakage protection. The cryobags, together in a cassette with 5 testing samples, are kept in cryotanks filled with liquid nitrogen for the final cryogenic storage. The cryotanks are provided by Air Liquide of France.

Licensing & Accreditation

CordónVida Servet has a  Vita34 of Germany GMP certificate.

Clinical Experience

CordónVida Servet will collect cord blood donations for the public in December 2014.
Clinical Experience of our technology associate Vita34 :
Vita34 family cord blood collections released for all transplants: 21
Vita34 family cord blood collections released for autologous therapy: 17
Vita34 family cord blood collections released for allogeneic therapy: 4


Quality Assurance:
CordónVida Servet offers insurance to demonstrate the trust of our procedures, so the integrity of stem cells from your baby is guaranteed. If your stem cells cannot be used for transplantation due to storage factors, CordónVida Servet will pay the amount of USD 37,000.
Guarantee storage:
In the case of the unfortunate death of one parent, CordónVida Servet gives you storage of stem cells from your baby to age 21.
Warranty Shipping shows nationally and globally:
For your peace of mind, CordónVida Servet gives parents support and advise with the costs and logistics to arrange a transplant anywhere in the world.
Warranty transport system:
CordónVida Servet has a transportation system and sampling kit with GMP regulations, accredited by Vita34 in Germany.
Warranty temperature control
CordónVida Servet has pioneered in South America the use of a logger to track the temperature of the cord blood on its journey to the laboratory. This system of placing a temperature logger is to optimize the traceability of the sample, it guarantees the delivery of a quality report to the doctor who would conduct transplantation of cord blood from CordónVida Servet.

Community Service

Discounts for medical professionals.
Discounts  for members of the health insurer Mas Vida.
Discounts  for MetLife insurance policyholders.


CordónVida Servet Classic:
USD 1612 initial cost (collection kit + courier + processing + testing) and USD 200  annual storage fee  
CordónVida Servet Compact 20:
USD 4181 initial cost includes 20 years of storage, thereafter USD 200 annual storage fee
Storage plans available for 5,10,15,20,25,30,35 and 40 years.
Payment: Cash, checks 12 , 36 monthly fees - PAC

Prices with Additional Services

Baby Screen newborn genetic testing costs an additional USD 363

Address: Almirante Pastene 185, Ofic. 705, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.
Phone Numbers
+56 (02) 402 9665