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Family Bank: CorCell


CorCell Companies, Inc. (CorCell) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cord Blood America, Inc., (CBAI) a public company.

Labs and Locations

Since March of 2010, CorCell has operated their own laboratory minutes from McCarran International Airport at 1857 Helm Drive, Las Vegas NV 89119.  The laboratory is FDA registered, and licensed to operate in these states that require licensing/registration for cord blood and/or cord tissue:  CA, MD, NY, NJ, IL, OR and DE.

Business Experience

CorCell has been banking cord blood since 1995.  Meanwhile the public company, Cord Blood America,Inc. (Nasdaq OTCBB:CBAI) was formed in Los Angeles in January 2005.  CBAI has grown primarily through a series of acquisitions of companies that market family cord blood banking.  CorCell is the largest acquisition of CBAI to date, and the company has retained the CorCell operating name and markets its services under that name.
    Acquisitions over the years:
•    Cryobank for Oncologic and Reproductive Donors (CORD) a bank with approximately 750 samples was acquired in 2006.
•    CorCell Inc., with an inventory of approximately 14,000 samples held at the lab of Community Blood Services was acquired in February of 2007.  
•    CureSource, a marketing company based in Charleston, SC with approximately 320 samples was acquired in August 2007.
•    In March 2010, CBAI acquired 51% stake in Stellacure GmbH, a company headquartered in Hamburg, Germany.  Subsequently, in September 2012, CBAI divested its stake in Stellacure.
•    In April 2010, CBAI acquired a 10% stake in China Stem Cells Ltd., from the subsidiary cord blood bank, Well Care Stem Cell Biotech.
•    In September of 2010, CBAI acquired a 50.1% share in BioCells, SA, headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  BioCells owns and operates its own laboratory in Buenos Aires.  
•    CBAI acquired a minority stake in Vidaplus, a company that markets cord blood services throughout Spain in February 2011.
•    In February of 2011, CBAI acquired approximately 600 samples from Reproductive Genetics Institute (RGI).
•    In June of 2011, CBAI acquired the assets of ViviCells International and its subsidiary NeoStem.
•    In Oct of 2014, CBAI divested their stake of Biocordcell, S.A. (BioCells), headquartered in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

CBAI opened their laboratory for processing cord blood in Las Vegas in March of 2010.  CorCell is the brand name for cord blood and tissue banking.  The company stores approximately 25,000 samples at its Las Vegas facility.  The Tissue Bank Director is Geoffrey O'Neill, PhD.  

CorCell has numerous insurance partners that offer preferred pricing to members of its healthcare plans.  An on-line calculator is available on the CorCell website that provides an opportunity to enter desired monthly payment amount for total initial enrollment fees, including first year of storage.  Applicable discounts are also considered, and an email confirmation of monthly budgeted amount is provided.  

Collection Kit

•    Collect-A-Cord kit contains a unique identifier, which identifies the sample through collection, processing, storage and possible release for transplantation
•    Each kit contains the Pall collection bag, which is sterile inside and out and can be used for a C-section, eliminating the need for a C-section adapter
•    Pall collection bag accommodates large collections of up to 210mL of cord blood
•    Pall collection bag uses Citrate Phosphate Dextrose (CPD), which is FDA preferred
•    Heparin-free collection bag
•    Povidone swab sticks are provided to prepare the umbilical cord for cord blood collection
•    For cord tissue collection, sterile collection cup and sterile transport medium are provided
•    Hibistat wipes for easy disinfection of cord prior to collection
•    Easy-to-follow instructions for physicians and parents

Transportation container

The transport container includes:
•    Foam insulation that controls temperature during transportation
•    Temperature monitor, which indicates the highest and lowest temperatures a sample reaches during transport. Temperatures are evaluated and recorded upon receipt for quality control
•    Validated temperature monitoring device to track temperatures during shipment for samples that are released for possible transplantation/infusion.

Shipping Info

CorCell offers their clients medical courier shipping via Axis Global.  Axis is dispatched to retrieve the sample from the hospital and coordinate delivery to the CorCell laboratory.  This courier service is available 24/7/365.  Shipping costs are included in the enrollment fee for U.S. collections.  Additional shipping costs for international shipments may apply.

Processing Method

The processing of each sample is handled by a single technician, maximizing quality control and sample traceability.   CorCell’s validated method ensures that processing of each sample is customized based on the volume of cord blood collected and is performed utilizing functionally closed cord blood processing system. The interconnected two-bag design and sterile fluid path limits cell manipulation while minimizing environmental contamination and identification errors with individual component traceability. CorCell processes to standards that exceed today's FDA cord blood requirements by processing in compliance with current Good Manufacturing Practice standards (cGMP).

Components Stored

The final separated stem cells are stored in a two compartment bag, which allows the possibility of using one portion of the sample while continuing to store the remaining portion. Additionally, 3 segments containing the same unique identifier as the cryogenic storage bag are stored.   These segments may be used for testing in the event of a possible transplant, leaving a greater volume for the potential transplant. Once processing is complete, the samples are carefully brought from room temperature to the final storage temperature using an automated controlled rate freezer. After reaching the appropriate temperature, the specimen is then transferred to vapor-phase nitrogen tanks for long-term storage at a consistent -196 degrees Celsius.

Storage Method

CorCell's cryogenic tanks utilize the vapor phase of medical grade cryogenic nitrogen to minimize the risk of contamination between samples. Each tank is equipped with a 24-hour monitored alarm device along with a backup system meeting regulatory standards.

Licensing & Accreditation

CorCell is registered and inspected by the FDA, and licensed in all four (4) states that require licensing for cord blood and/or cord tissue: CA, MD, NY and NJ.  Additional state registration for cord tissue includes OR, IL and DE.

Clinical Experience

Regarding transplants, CorCell has released 11 samples for transplant; 9 autologous (to the donor child) and 2 allogeneic (to a relative). CorCell maintains an inventory of over 25,000 cord blood collections in their Las Vegas lab. 


    •    CorCell provides clients with a $50,000 engraftment insurance guarantee.
    •    Annual storage fees are guaranteed at the initial enrollment cost for a period of 18 years.  
    •    If the number of collected stem cells is low (for transplant use), parents are informed and given the choice to store the sample. If they choose not to store, they are issued a full refund.

    Community Service

    Active military, police and fire receive a $200 discount.


    Cord blood and tissue banking should be affordable for every family, which is why CorCell lets families choose their own monthly payment with their on-line rate calculator. Families can enter their desired monthly payment amount for total initial enrollment fees, including first year of storage.  Applicable discounts are also considered, and an email confirmation of monthly budgeted amount is provided. 

    Additional Services

    CorCell offers cord tissue banking.  This service is offered as a stand-alone offering, or in conjunction with the cord blood services.  Cord tissue banking consists of storing of a segment of the cord tissue.

    Prices with Additional Services

    See section on pricing for more information about cord blood and cord tissue combination banking.

    Address: 1857 Helm Drive, NV 89119.
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