Clinical Trials with Cord Blood

Table 1. Clinical Trials where children use their own (autologous) Cord Blood Stem Cells

Diagnosis Occurence in USA Trial stage Trial registry
Acquired Hearing Loss 12.5% ages 6-19 phase 1 NCT01343394
Autism 1.5% (1 in 68) children phase 2
phase 1
Cerebral Palsy 0.2% full term births,
2.2% premature births,
1 in 300 kids ages 5-10
phase 2 NCT01147653
Cerebral Palsy (see above) phase 1 Romania
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome 0.2 per 1000 births phase 1 NCT01445041
Neonatal Oxygen Deprivation 0.2% full term births phase 1 NCT00593242
(pre-/peri-natal) Stroke 1 per 3500 births phase 1 NCT02460484
Traumatic Brain Injury 435,000 per yr ages 0-14
#1 cause of death in kids
phase 1 NCT01251003
Type 1 Diabetes 1.7 per 1000 ages birth-19 phase 1 & 2 NCT00989547
Table copyright Frances Verter, PhD 2014 - References Below

Table 2. Clinical Trials using donor (allogeneic, includes siblings) Cord Blood Stem Cells

Diagnosis Occurence in USA Trial stage Trial registry
Cartilage Repair 10-25% adolescents
have knee injuries
Approved by
Korean FDA
Cerebral Palsy 2 per 1000 full term births phase 2 NCT01193660
Critical Limb Ischemia 2.5 per 1000 people,
over 80% of them diabetics
phase 1 NCT01019681
Premature Lungs (BPD) 25% births under 1500gm phase 2 NCT01897987
Type 1 Diabetes 1.7 per 1000 ages birth-19 phase 2 NCT01350219
Table copyright Frances Verter, PhD 2014 - References Below


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Cartilage Repair
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Cerebral Palsy
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Critical Limb Ischemia
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Hearing Loss (cord blood trial is for acquired sensorineural type)
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Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
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Neonatal Oxygen Deprivation
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Premature Lungs
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Traumatic Brain Injury
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Type 1 Diabetes
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