27 US States have Cord Blood Education Laws


During the summer of 2011, Florida and Missouri both passed state laws to educate expectant parents about cord blood banking, plus they have both adopted educational materials developed by this Foundation.  This brings the total number of states with cord blood education bills to 27, covering 81% of US births.  Of those, 4 states only require education about cord blood donation, while 23 states follow the federal Institute of Medicine guidelines that call for parent education about all options for their child's cord blood.  Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation has been adopted as an educational resource by the Dept. of Health in 5 states: FL, OH, MO, ND, and VA.  This policy enables each DoH to rely on a resource that is already approved by a panel of leading scientific and medical experts, is consistent across the US, and is provided in several languages.

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