World cord blood inventory 2012


World cord blood inventory 2012 At the 2013 ISCT meeting, Dr. Verter presented a world inventory of cord blood storage: there are about 600 thousand cord blood donations in public banks and 2.5 million collections in family banks. Read the report.

Obviously, the slow growth of public cord blood banking for unrelated transplants, which is usually dependent on government and charitable funding, is completely dwarfed by the successful business model of family cord blood banking as a form of health insurance. It is in the best interests of public health, at a global scale, to bring the operating standards of all family banks up to the public bank level and harness more of their storage for therapeutic purposes.

The report describes several examples of new trends in bank practices. Their common theme is that cord blood bank practices are moving away from the silo concept that public banks only provide transplants and family banks mainly supply regenerative therapies. We are seeing more public banks facilitating regenerative therapy, and in some parts of the world patients must rely on family banks for transplants.

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