Smart Cells International


Established in 2000, Smart Cells International is the oldest private umbilical cord stem cell company in the UK and has successfully released more units for transplant than any other UK private stem cell company. If your child's stem cells are needed for a transplant, Smart Cells is able to retrieve the stored unit and prepare it for transport to a treating clinic very quickly and easily. Smart Cells International has have released 13 samples for use in transplants to date and transported them to treatment centres in Singapore, Germany, India, USA and the UK.

•    Smart Cells International is now one of the largest and most established family cord blood storage companies, licensed and regulated by the Human Tissue Authority (HTA).

•    Smart Cells have a state of the art processing and storage laboratory in the UK as well as back up labs in Spain, South Africa and Hong Kong.

•    Smart Cells laboratory uses state of the art equipment designed to process cord blood as quickly as possible. All processing procedures are undertaken in a sterile, controlled environment by specially trained staff.

•    Smart Cells uses industry standard stem cell enumeration technology. We participate in the UK NEQAS CD34 stem cell enumeration scheme which ensures that our testing is reliable & accurate.

•    The UK lab is close to Heathrow Airport, minimising transportation times for international samples. Smart Cells has collected samples from over 70 countries and has offices in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and the Far East.

•    Smart Cells uses the volume reduction method to separate stem cells and the Biosafe Sepax system for cord blood processing, based on UK and international industry standards for private and public cord blood banks.

•    Smart Cells are additionally accredited with ISO 9001 for internal quality management.

•    Smart Cells Advanced Facilities Management System continually monitors the environment with a fully alarmed and uninterruptible power supply in case of a mains failure.

•    Dedicated Phlebotomy service – Smart Cells  has a team of phlebotomists (blood collection specialists) operating on a 24/7 basis. This service has dedicated staff, emergency telephone numbers and call out personnel which save you the inconvenience of having to find, book, and manage this service for yourself.

•    Exceptional customer service has been important to us since we started and our founder is still actively involved in the running of the business. We even have a world class advisory board to make sure our focus remains human.

•    No hidden costs. Some companies hide extra costs, such as weekend courier charges. Smart Cells have fully transparent service plans with no hidden costs.

•    Excellent Credit Score. Smart Cells currently has the best credit score rating available by Experian. Smart Cells are well able to meet their obligations and are considered to be a very good credit risk. You can view the Smart Cells report here: Smart Cells Credit Report