GeneCell International


GeneCell International is sister company of a group of laboratories that has been processing and storing stem cells for more than a decade. The laboratories include Genetics and Cord Blood Services, Celulas Madre C.A., and Laboratorio Venezolano de Celulas Madre, C.A (LVCM) in Venezuela. To date the laboratories have processed and stored over 30 thousand cord blood units.

GeneCell International is the first and currently the only laboratory in the United States that provides cord blood, cord tissue, dental pulp and adipose tissue stem cell services. It operates a state-of-the-art laboratory and storage facility for thousands of clients who have placed their trust in GeneCell for handling their adult stem cells from various sources which have the potential for treating a variety of diseases and disorders. The laboratory’s purpose is to provide its clients with the best customer service experience, the highest quality stem cell products and services, as well as unparalleled scientific excellence and innovative leadership in the areas of stem cell collection, processing, research and cryopreservation.

GeneCell International and its subsidiaries are committed to the educational growth of its stem cell portfolio which will guarantee greater levels of awareness and expansions nationally and into other countries. Beside its commitment to educating the public on the benefits of adult stem cells, the laboratory is always on the forefront in providing clients with information on current and future potentials for the use of stem cells in medical treatments. GeneCell also maintains collaborative relationships with experts in the field of adult stem cell research.