Biovault is the UK's largest private human tissue bank and is licensed to handle all human tissue types. Biovault Family offers expectant parents the services of cord blood and cord tissue processing and storage. Biovault has processed, stored and released for transplantation over 2500 human tissue samples of various types, all with 100% engraftment. It is the only private tissue bank that works with both the NHS and the private sector.

•    Biovault Human Tissue Bank is located in Plymouth International Medical and Technology Park
•    The facility is protected by a 24/7 security system.
•    All essential equipment have data loggers and are monitored 24/7.
•    Storage fees that are paid in advance are held in an escrow account.
•    Biovault has a  disaster recovery plan in place which allows all of their cryopreservation tanks to be relocated to another HTA facility until theirs is back to normal.

Biovault processes all human samples in clean rooms, and performs both microbiology tests as well as viability tests and stem cell counts (via CD34+ assay). Important aspects of Biovault's stem cell recovery process are automated, but trained technicians are responsible for separating stem cells based on the volume reduction method pioneered by Dr. Pablo Rubinstein at the NY Blood Center.  Because of it unique processes, Biovault has been able to validated their stem cell recovery rate as above 95%.

   Biovault has more accreditations than any other cord blood bank in the UK.  Biovault holds an open ended (no expiry), unconditional HTA License 11063 covering every aspect of all transplantable material for human application.  Biovault has maintained their unconditional HTA status after multiple inspections, the last in March 2012.  Biovault holds additional accreditations including ISO 9001 for internal quality management and ISO 13485 management standards for medical devices.  Biovault is the only private tissue bank in the UK to be JACIE accredited.