Maryland has state legislation around cord blood education that only requires hospitals and obstetricians to distribute information about public donation of cord blood.  The Maryland bill was enacted 2 May 2006 and became effective 1 Oct. 2006.  

The Maryland education bill had been sponsored by Maryland State Senator Nancy Jacobs.  At the time, no hospitals in Maryland collected cord blood donations.  That changed in Fall 2010, when two hospitals in Baltimore began collecting cord blood donations and sending them to Community Blood Services in New Jersey.  But there were still no hospitals in Maryland that offered cord blood transplants to adults (except for NIH, where the patient must participate in a clinical trial).  That may change thanks to another bill sponsored by Minority Leader Jacobs and signed into law on 19 May 2011: it would make private funding and grants available to encourage hospitals to offer cord blood transplants to adults.

The Maryland Catholic Conference eagerly seeks public banks willing to partner with them in cord blood collection programs at Maryland's Catholic hospitals.  Please contact them if you can provide support for that effort.