California has state legislation around cord blood education that follows the Institute of Medicine guidelines and asks (but does not mandate) physicians to educate expectant parents about ALL forms of cord blood banking.  The California bill was enacted 26 Sept. 2006 and became effective 26 Sept. 2006. 

More importantly, on 30 Sept. 2010 California passed Assembly Bill 52 to raise funding for a state wide cord blood donation program by raising the cost of birth certificate copies $2 apiece.  The bill was a personal passion of sponsor Anthony Portantino, who worked for years to make it a reality.

California is a particularly good state for collecting cord blood donations because of its ethnic diversity; in the state capital of Sacramento, 20% of all births are registered as "mixed race".  The California cord blood donations will be processed in a laboratory at the University of California at Davis, which already has a strong  program in stem cell research.