Illinois has state legislation around cord blood education that follows the Institute of Medicine guidelines and encourages prenatal caregivers to educate expectant parents about ALL forms of cord blood banking.  The Illinois bill was enacted 14 Aug. 2007 and became effective 1 Jan. 2008.

Actually, Illinois has two complimentary bills that both passed the state legislature in 2007.  The House Bill HB642  is the cord blood education bill that endorses all cord blood banking options.  In addition, Senate Bill SB19 amends the Department of Public Health Powers and Duties Law.  Subject to appropriation (of funds), SB19: directs the Department to establish a network of (public) cord blood stem cell banks, sets forth requirements and duties of donor banks, and creates an advisory committee to advise the Department concerning administration of the network. The Senate Bill was enacted 24 Aug. 2007 and became effective immediately.