Family Bank Price & Accreditation Options

The following table summarizes the banks in this country under these columns:
Laboratory that the bank uses to process the cord blood.
Accreditations held by the laboratory
Therapies from this lab - A number with NO "*" means the cord blood therapies were for private clients who had a family banking contract. A number with a "*" means the cord blood was listed on a public registry and released to a transplant patient outside the family. Some laboratories provide both types of storage.
Cost ( Year One ) is the initial price of banking with this company.
Cost ( Year 20 ) is the total price after 20 years of storage.

Name Laboratory Accreditations Therapies Cost (Year One) Cost (Year 20)
BabyBanks BIONET, Taipei City, Taiwan AABB 64
HealthBanks HealthBanks, Taipei, Taiwan FACT, AABB, NMDP, ISO 950* + 16
Sino Cell Technologies
StemCyte Taiwan StemCyte Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan AABB, FACT >300* from Taiwan