Family Bank Price & Accreditation Options

The following table summarizes the banks in this country under these columns:
Laboratory that the bank uses to process the cord blood.
Accreditations held by the laboratory
Therapies from this lab - A number with NO "*" means the cord blood therapies were for private clients who had a family banking contract. A number with a "*" means the cord blood was listed on a public registry and released to a transplant patient outside the family. Some laboratories provide both types of storage.
Cost ( Year One ) is the initial price of banking with this company.
Cost ( Year 20 ) is the total price after 20 years of storage.

Name Laboratory Accreditations Therapies Cost (Year One) Cost (Year 20)
Cells4Life - Kenya Cells4Life, Burgess Hill, UK UK HTA 0
Netcells - Kenya Netcells, Johannesburg, South Africa AABB 0 cord blood, >220 other US$ 2400 20 years included
Future Health - Kenya Future Health, Nottingham, UK UK HTA 1 varies by country 25 years included