New Cerebral Palsy Trial at U. Texas

December 2013

The U. of Texas is launching a phase 2 clinical trial, approved Nov. 2013, in which children with Cerebral Palsy are randomly assigned to one of 3 arms:

1. Initial treatment with stem cells from the child's own cord blood
2. Initial treatment with stem cells from the child's own bone marrow
3. Initial treatment with a placebo, then cross over to one of the stem cell arms at the one year follow-up visit.

Only children who banked cord blood with Cord Blood Registry, one of the study sponsors, will be eligible to participate on the cord blood arm.

The bone marrow arm will be open to all children with Cerebral Palsy who did not bank cord blood at birth and meet the study criteria. This is the first trial ever to compare cord blood versus bone marrow for Cerebral Palsy therapy.

The charitable Foundation Let's Cure CP is one of the primary fund-raisers and promoters of this trial. Let's Cure CP is the only advocacy group for CP families that focuses on raising funding for stem cell research.

Another charitable supporter of this trial is the TIRR Foundation of Houston, who fund innovative research to improve the recovery of people who have sustained a spinal cord or brain injury.

Click here for the press release from UTHealth.

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