Key Nurse Leaders article

August 2013

Frances Verter, PhD, and Kim Petrella, RN, of the Parent's Guide to Cord Blood Foundation have contributed an article on "Umbilical Cord Blood Collection" that is written for nursing staff at hospital-based labor and delivery units.

Key Nurse Leaders is a national executive search firm focused exclusively on hospital-based women's and children's nursing leadership. Their Leadership Library is the first and only online educational resource dedicated to maternal/child and women's health leaders.

Article Abstract:

Nursing staff in Labor and Delivery units are on the front lines of the effort to collect umbilical cord blood at the time of childbirth. In hospitals across the nation, expectant parents may arrive at the time of delivery carrying a cord blood collection kit, with the anticipation that someone on their delivery team will perform this service for them. Some hospitals have partnerships with cord sex izle blood banks in which designated staff are assigned and trained to perform cord blood collections. Other hospitals expect that delivery personnel will maintain annual certification training for collection and storage of cord blood. This is an emerging medical service where practices have not been standardized.

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