Genetic Counselor joins our Panel

After 25 years as a genetic counselor in hospital settings, Bonnie Liebers founded Genetic Counseling Services to offer her services directly to consumers. Ms. Liebers is not affiliated with any testing service or laboratory, but believes that consumers need guidance to navigate the rapidly expanding field of genetic testing.

There are now several thousand genetic tests which have the potential to change the lives of many families. Yet there is a great need for caution in interpreting the tests that are available, as the majority of tests are not indicated for most individuals, while on the other hand it can be a challenge to find those individuals who should be tested.

There is a natural synergy between consumer education on the topics of genetic testing and cord blood banking. Many families think they should store cord blood privately in case it is needed to treat diseases that seem to run in their family. Consumers need help mobil to evaluate what is currently known about their genetic risk, as well as what can potentially be treated with cord blood therapies, and whether those therapies would actually use their own cord blood or would rely on donated cord blood.

Ms. Liebers has Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology and in Psychology from Syracuse University, and a Masters in Genetic Counseling from the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. She is Board Certified in genetic counseling and her credentials include extensive clinical experience.

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