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ViaCord    compare bank:

Waltham, MA, United States

ViaCord is part of PerkinElmer, a $2.2 billion global company focused on the health and safety of people and the environment.

LifebankUSA    compare bank:

Cedar Knolls, NJ, United States

LifebankUSA (a Celgene company) is the only company that offers the option to increase the number of stem cells banked by collecting blood and tissue from the placenta in addition to the umbilical cord. 

CORD:USE    compare bank:

Orlando, FL, United States

CORD:USE is directed by leading doctors in cord blood transplantation.  They offer both public donation and family storage.  Public donations collected by CORD:USE are sent to the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank, a FACT-accredited laboratory under the direction of Dr. Joanne Kurtzberg.  CORD:USE has their own AABB-accredited laboratory in Florida for family storage. 

CariCord    compare bank:

Irvine, CA, United States

CariCord, the private cord blood bank of the University of Colorado, is the first and only bank to offer families the quality which comes from having your cord blood processed in a Class 10,000 clean room and FDA licensed laboratory. The CariCord laboratory and repository are located at the University of Colorado's Anschutz Medical Campus, part of the Colorado Science + Technology Park. This exclusive public-private venture delivers the highest quality cord blood processing to families choosing CariCord's services.

Cryo-Cell    compare bank:

Oldsmar, FL, United States

Founded in 1989, Cryo-Cell International (OTCQB:CCEL), Inc. is the world's first and most highly accredited private cord blood bank. Today, more than 500,000 parents from 87 countries have trusted Cryo-Cell International to preserve their family members' stem cells and approximately 45,000 OBGYNs have recommended Cryo-Cell to patients or collected and sent cord blood to Cryo-Cell. Cryo-Cell provides its clients with premier stem cell cryopreservation service and supports research in regenerative medicine to discover new therapeutic uses for stem cells.

Cord Blood Registry    compare bank:

San Bruno, CA, United States

Cord Blood Registry® (CBR®) is the world’s largest newborn stem cell company. Founded in 1992, CBR is entrusted by parents with storing samples from more than 500,000 children. CBR is dedicated to advancing the clinical application of cord blood and cord tissue stem cells by partnering with institutions to establish FDA-regulated clinical trials for conditions that have no cure today.

MAZE    compare bank:

Purchase, NY, United States

MAZE is committed to providing top quality cord blood banking at an affordable cost; we have a one-time collection, processing and storage fee with no payments whatsoever for 20 years. MAZE has a fun video to explain The Answers to your Questions.

New England Cord Blood Bank    compare bank:

Newton, MA, United States

New England Cord Blood Bank (NECBB), established in 1995, is a privately held family business that offers processing and storage of stem cells from your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue for use in the treatment of over 80 different diseases.  We process, test, verify, and cryopreserve collected stem cells at our state of the art facility just outside of Boston. We offer competitive rates and interest free payment plans.

Safetycord    compare bank:

Montvale, NJ, United States

Safetycord is a global cord blood bank and the premier bank for Hispanic families worldwide. Safetycord offers gold-standard care from the moment you begin the registration process. Our service excellence assures the highest quality standards in stem cell storage including comprehensive analytical testing on both the baby's cord blood and mother's blood.  Safetycord is the only family cord blood bank in the United States that includes "High-Resolution HLA Typing" of all client cord blood, a test that is required prior to any therapy. This upfront testing guarantees that all necessary data is immediately available to you and your medical team should you ever need to use your stored sample.

MiracleCord    compare bank:

Chicago, IL, United States

Headquartered in Chicago, MiracleCord is dedicated to providing private cord blood and cord tissue banking services at the most affordable price possible, while never compromising the high level of service provided. MiracleCord offers an experienced lab, secure courier service, TimeCritical processing, optimized cord tissue banking, and a Quality Guarantee.

Americord    compare bank:

New York City, NY, United States

Americord offers cord blood, cord tissue, and placenta tissue banking. Americord has launched their new product, Cord Blood 2.0™.  It is an innovative cord blood banking system that can collect and preserve up to twice as many stem cells as traditional cord blood collections.

AlphaCord    compare bank:

Atlanta, GA, United States

AlphaCord, headquartered in Atlanta, GA, has worked with tens of thousands of families, for more than a decade, to preserve their newborn's valuable cells. AlphaCord provides cord blood banking services, as well as cord tissue storage. This company was founded on principles of affordability, and the highest quality banking. We strive to provide exceptional customer experiences.

AssureImmune    compare bank:

Boca Raton, FL, United States

AssureImmune markets the storage of  "adult" stem cells, either from the peripheral blood of adults or from the cord blood of newborns.

Celebration Stem Cell Centre    compare bank:

Gilbert, AZ, United States

The Celebration Stem Cell Centre (CSCC), offers both public donation and private family banking of umbilical cord blood.  All cord blood collections are processed according to the highest standards in the industry in a new, state-of-the art facility located in Gilbert, Arizona.  The public donation program is funded by the private family banking program and by philanthropy.

CorCell    compare bank:

Las Vegas, NV, United States

CorCell Companies, Inc. (CorCell) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cord Blood America, Inc., (CBAI) a public company.

Cord Blood Solutions    compare bank:

Suwanee, GA, United States

Cord Blood Solutions LLC was founded by Founded by Dr. Alan Einstein, an Internal Medicine/Critical Care physician in Atlanta.  They use the lab of the NMDP bank Community Blood Services.

Core23 BioBank    compare bank:

Springfield, MO, United States

Core23 Biobank is a hybrid cord blood & tissue bank in Springfield, Missouri that combines aspects of both the public and private cord blood banking systems. We provide families across the Midwest an easy, safe and secure opportunity to save, or donate, their baby's umbilical cord blood and cord tissue.

Family Link    compare bank:

Louisville, KY, United States

Family Link is a program of Norton Healthcare, a not-for-profit organization which operates dozens of hospitals throughout Kentucky and Southern Indiana.   The cord blood banking program only accepts clients within a 4 hour driving distance of metro Louisville. Their lab is based at Kosair Children's Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky.

FamilyCord    compare bank:

Los Angeles, CA, United States

FamilyCord is a subsidiary of  California Cryobank, one of the nation's leading sperm banks and a provider of cryogenic services for over 35 years. 

Genecord    compare bank:

Great Neck, NY, United States

We provide clinically proven, professional cord blood collection, storage and support service that gives you peace of mind for the future.  We maintain industry-defining technology and a safe, reputable cord blood storage facility with more than 30 years of experience in cryopreservation and tissue banking.

Lifeforce Cryobanks    compare bank:

Altamonte Springs, FL, United States

Cord for LifeSM is the 2011 re-branding of Lifeforce Cryobanks (LC), a fully accredited NMDP-member public cord blood bank that brings the same level of expertise and oversight to their family banking service. LC has been banking cord blood since 1995.

NuvaCord Network    compare bank:

Dallas, TX, United States

NuvaCord is a hospital-based cord blood broker:  Parents who are delivering at a participating hospital have the choice between family cord blood banks that participate with NuvaCord.  At present the participating family banks are Community Blood Services and CorCell.

PacifiCord    compare bank:

Irvine, CA, United States

PacifiCord is a member of the HealthBanks Biotech Group, a network of cord blood banks across Asia and the US that is headquartered in Taiwan. The HealthBanks Group has over 12 years of cord blood banking experience.

Southern Cord    compare bank:

Huntsville, AL, United States

Southern Cord is a locally-owned company headquartered at the HudsonAlpha Institute for Biotechnology in Huntsville, Alabama.  We are proud to be the first cord blood bank committed to serving the families of North Alabama, the Tennessee Valley, and the Southeastern United States. We focus on delivering excellent service while maintaining affordable prices, because every baby deserves the very best. Southern Cord in the news.

Stem Cell Cryobank    compare bank:

Boynton Beach, FL, United States

For parents in South Florida, Stem Cell Cryobank is your local, AABB accredited, reliable and affordable cord blood stem cell bank. We offer personalized services to our clientele. We will personally pick up the collection kit after your baby's cord blood has been collected and bring it back to our lab for processing and cryopreservation.

StemCyte    compare bank:

Covina, CA, United States

StemCyte is a global cord blood therapeutics company, founded in 1992, and has extensive experience as a public cord blood bank providing transplants with cord blood from unrelated donors. Very few family cord blood banks have provided cord blood for large numbers of transplant patients. By contrast, StemCyte has supplied cord blood units for over 1900 transplants, and this number grows higher every day.  StemCyte's transplant experience supersedes all other private family cord blood banks combined.

Stork Medical    compare bank:

Columbus, GA, United States

Stork medical emphasizes that they have spectacular customer service, price guarantees, and a commitment to charitable works. They have a generous program of pricing for Armed Forces active duty and veterans. Stork uses the lab of the NMDP bank Community Blood Services.

Xytex    compare bank:

Augusta, GA, United States

As a member of the Xytex Cryo International, Ltd. Family of services, Xytex Cord Blood Bank is backed by more than 3 decades of experience in cryogenic (freezing) preservation and tissue banking. Since 1975, thousands of families from around the world have put their trust in Xytex. Xytex, a name you can trust "For Life".