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Cord Blood Center - Hungary   compare bank:

Budapest, Hungary

The CORD BLOOD CENTER GROUP operates 4 processing and 8 storage facilities, all licensed under local regulation, in Romania (labs in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest), Slovak Republic (Eurocord-Slovakia lab), Czech Republic and Austria.  Website displays for multiple countries and languages.
Prices for Hungary:
- Basic price: 177900 HUF including shipping + annual storage 10 990 HUF
- Free cord blood banking for medical indication
- No charge if cord blood collection was contaminated

Cryo-Save - Hungary   compare bank:

Budapest, Hungary

Sejtbank is an affiliate of Cryo-Save that serves Hungary.  Cryo-Save is the largest family cord blood bank in Europe. With more than 250.000 samples stored and four fully-owned storage facilities throughout the world, Cryo-Save has over ten years’ experience and state-of-the-art technical know-how, providing the basis for a strong and reliable organization.  An ethical approach, scientific professionalism and customer-focused care are the core elements of our daily activities, as we strive to be an active player in life-science development in over 40 countries.

Krio FamiCord   compare bank:

Budapest, Hungary

Krio Intézet Zrt. is the only family cord blood bank in that has a laboratory in Hungary, and they are accredited by both AABB and ISO. Krio belongs to the international banking network FamiCord that operates in more than 20 European countries and owns 4 laboratories. Krio markets to parents in Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia (FYROM), Bosnia&Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, Austria.