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Cordón de Vida - Guatemala   compare bank:

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Cordón de Vida has the first cord blood laboratory in Central America to achieve AABB accreditation.   They offer 2 lab options: storage in their laboratory in Panama or in FamilyCord in California, USA.

Soluciones Genéticas   compare bank:

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Soluciones Genéticas S.A. is affiliated with Droguería Santa Lucia of El Salvador. They market the services of Cryo-Cell México. Contact persons Antonio Cristiani and Heidy Juarez.

Stem Care   compare bank:

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Stem Care es el primer banco de células madre en Guatemala. Nuestra Misión: Criopreservar las células madre en el país, con el fin de brindar a la sociedad guatemalteca una nueva opción médica en el tratamiento de enfermedades.

English translation: Stem Care is the first and only cord blood bank that has a laboratory in Guatemala. Our mission is to cryopreserve stem cells with the purpose to provide our society with an innovative medical option to treat diseases. We operate with total respect of human life, according to the laws and ethics that regulate this matter in our nation.